Trump Is Getting Totally Paranoid As He Claims Brian Kemp, Mike Pence, And Ron DeSantis Are Conspiring Against Him

Trump out that Brian Kemp, Ron DeSantis, and Mike Pence met in Georgia and insinuated that they were all talking about him.

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Trump posted on Truth Social, “How nice, a wonderful reunion! Three people that I indisputably got Elected, two Governors and a V.P., Brian Kemp of Georgia, Mike Pence of Indiana, & Ron DeSanctimonious of Florida, just met, most likely to talk about the “weather,” or perhaps to discuss how they can stop the Weaponization of Georgia Law, working with the DOJ and others, against their absolutely, all-time favorite President, ME. All three have been just wonderful, so loyal and nice. It’s great to have friends like this!”

Trump’s sarcasm was a thin cover for what he was suggesting that the three Republicans got together at an event in Georgia to conspire against him. Trump has been angry at Kemp since the Georgia governor would not overturn the state’s 2020 election results for him. Trump has been angry at DeSantis for running against him for the Republican presidential nomination, and he tried to have Mike Pence killed by his supporters after Pence would not participate in his coup plot.

Donald Trump has always been paranoid, but since the indictments, he has been getting worse.

Trump is coming apart as he is running away with the Republican presidential nomination, which could set up a dangerous dynamic for the 2024 election.



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