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Victor Shokin gets denounced on Fox News.

The Entire GOP Biden Impeachment Case Was Just Destroyed On Fox News

Fox News’s Brian Kilmeade could only watch as former Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko denounced Victor Shokin who is the centerpiece of the House GOP’s Biden impeachment conspiracy.

Poroshenko was asked by Kilmeade if he fired Shokin at Joe Biden’s request, and the former Ukrainian president answered, “First of all, this is the completely crazy person, and this is something wrong with him. Second, there is no one single word of truth. And third, I hate the idea to make any comments and to make any intervention in the American election. We have very much enjoyed the bipartisan support and please do not use the such person like Shokin to undermine the trust between bipartisan support and Ukraine… I don’t see him maybe four years or something at all and hate the idea to have him because he play very dirty game.. He was fired, because of his own statement.”

Poroshenko said that Shokin was about to be fired by the Ukrainian parliament.


The entire Republican impeachment claim against Biden is based on the idea that Biden got Shokin fired as part of a bribery scheme in Ukraine, but Poroshenko repeated the facts as they have been known for years. Skokin was corrupt. Ukraine and the international community wanted him fired. Biden did nothing wrong but was advocating for a commonly held position at the time that Shokin had to go.

Shokin’s firing had not to do with bribery or Biden. Shokin’s firing was about removing a corrupt prosecutor.

Fox News has been pushing the Biden impeachment conspiracy relentlessly so it is especially delicious to see it all crash and burn on their network at the hands of the former Ukrainian president.

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