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Matt Gaetz Files Motion To Vacate To Oust Kevin McCarthy

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) has followed through and filed a motion to vacate against Speaker Kevin McCarthy. The vote now must happen within two days.

Gaetz made good on his promise:

Now, things are about to get interesting.

Some Republicans are whistling through the graveyard and claiming that the motion to vacate isn’t going to go anywhere, but there are more than enough votes among the anti-McCarthy MAGAs to get him removed from the speakership and create total chaos.

Total chaos seems to be precisely what Gaetz and his allies are looking for. They can’t possibly want more concessions from McCarthy because Kevin McCarthy gave them everything to get the gavel.

The motion to vacate has felt inevitable since Speaker McCarthy agreed to it.

There is no alternative to replace McCarthy as speaker, so he will likely survive. The big question is, how many days or weeks are House Republicans going to waste with their infighting, chaos, and dysfunction?

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