This Could Kill MAGA: House Republicans And Democrats Are Seriously Discussing Forming Bipartisan Government

Republicans and Democrats in the House have entered into serious conversations about forming a bipartisan majority government in the House.

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Axios reported:

Lawmakers in both parties are expressing growing openness, both in public and in private, to a bipartisan deal to elect a House speaker as Republicans are continually thwarted in their efforts to do it alone.


A bipartisan group of roughly ten House lawmakers is quietly holding “very” serious discussions, a moderate Republican involved in the discussions told Axios on the condition of anonymity.

“The question is who gets you to the largest minority of the majority,” the GOP lawmaker said. “Is it Don Bacon, who gets 20 [GOP] votes and 200 Democrats? Is it French Hill who gets 100 votes from Republicans? And the fewer Republicans, the more dangerous this is – not just politically, but structurally.”

The more Republicans that join on, the better, because Republicans won the House majority in the midterm and that win needs to be respected for any bipartisan majority to have credibility.

The unspoken in this story is that the more Republicans join, the more difficult it will be for Trump and MAGA to threaten and punish them.

If 100 Republicans support the bipartisan government, Trump can’t primary 100 House incumbents. A group that big can’t be individually targeted, demonized, and threatened with violence. 

A group that large would kick MAGA out of the only bit of federal power that they have.

Trump and his House MAGA minions would be sidelined, and the nation could govern again.

If this speaker chaos lasts another week, the odds will grow that a bipartisan majority House will be formed.

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