Jim Jordan holds a press conference before the third Speaker of the House vote.

Jim Jordan’s Press Conference Was A Total Disaster

Jim Jordan held an early Friday morning press conference to try to bully Republicans into voting for him for Speaker, and it was a disaster.

Jordan immediately got angry when he was asked to lay out his path forward:

It got so bad that even reporters were telling Jordan he doesn’t have the votes to be Speaker:

Jordan rambled on about going to the Wright Brothers museum and said repeatedly that the only way out of this mess is for Republicans to elect a Speaker and that he planned on keeping the House in Washington for votes all weekend until he is elected.

Jim Jordan’s Press Conference Did Nothing But Confuse and Enrage House Republicans


CNN’s Manu Raju:

The only thing that Jordan accomplished was losing more votes:

Jake Sherman says Republicans have no idea what Jordan is doing:

Jordan’s Press Conference Was A Disaster


Jim Jordan has no plan or vision for a path forward for House Republicans. Jordan thinks he can drag this out long enough that his opponents will give and go along with him as Speaker.

Rep. Jordan had nothing to say, and he referred to himself as the Speaker designee, but no one designated him to be the next Speaker. Jim Jordan is the Republican nominee to be Speaker of the House, but there is no such thing as a Speaker designee.

Jordan has assigned himself a title, and he seems to be trying to fake it until he makes it, but House Republicans don’t want him, and Jordan’s presence is making the crisis worse.

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