Trump sitting at the defense table during his New York fraud trial.

Judge Engoron Makes It Clear That Trump Is Heading For Financial Doom

By trashing Trump’s expert witness, Judge Engoron is sending the message that the Trump Organization is about to be shut down in New York.

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CNN reported:

Judge Engoron slammed Trump’s accounting experts and rejected key points of the defense in an order Monday denying a motion for a directed verdict filed by Trump’s attorneys after trial testimony ended last week.

“Bartov is a tenured professor, but all that his testimony proves is that for a million or so dollars, some experts will say whatever you want them to say,” Engoron wrote. “By doggedly attempting to justify every misstatement, Professor Bartov lost all credibility.”

Engoron added: “Defendants also trot out two of their standard canards, that valuations are subjective and that the law only penalizes ‘material’ deviations. These both fall into the category of ‘Let no one be fooled.'” A valuation can be based on different criteria and analyzed different ways, the judge said, “But a lie is still a lie.”

Trump, his adult kids, and his business have already been found guilty of fraud. What has yet to be determined is the severity of the penalty that Trump will face. Given the judge’s comments, it would not be surprising if the Trump Organization was shut down and financial penalties were hundreds of millions of dollars.

The former president and his business engaged in widespread fraud. In fact, it looks like the Trump family business was fraud.

Engoron was correct.

It doesn’t matter how many experts Trump pays for, a lie is still a lie.

Donald Trump’s decades of lies could cost him everything.

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