Trump sits at the defense table during the New York fraud trial.

Federal Immunity Appeal Is An Immediate Disaster For Trump

Trump’s immunity appeal in federal court was shattered when a judge asked Trump’s lawyer if a president has immunity if they order Seal Team 6 to kill a political rival.

The judge asked, ” Could a president order SEAL Team Six to assassinate a political rival? That is an official act. An order to SEAL Team Six.”

Trump’s lawyer answered, “He would have to be impeached and convicted before the criminal prosecution.”

The judge asked again, “But if he weren’t, no criminal liability for that?”

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After Trump’s lawyer tried to cite the Founders and Marbury v. Madison, the judge asked again, “I asked you a yes, no, yes or no question. Could a president who ordered SEAL Team Six to assassinate a political rival who was not impeached would he be subject to criminal prosecution?”


Trump’s lawyer, “If he were impeached and convicted first.”

The judge summed it up, “So, your answer is no.”

Trump’s legal argument is based on the idea that presidents can only be criminally prosecuted if they are impeached and convicted first.

If this is true, Trump’s own claim that he is going to have President Biden indicted if he wins the White House is impossible.

The court system has been cutting through Trump’s baseless legal arguments since he tried to claim that the 202o election was stolen.

Trump’s arguments on immunity are so weak that the courts are cutting through them like a hot knife through butter. Having audio of the hearing broadcast is valuable because it negates Trump’s lies and allows the American people to hear the courts in action.

Donald Trump is trying to use this hearing as a political stunt, but by calling attention to it with his presence, he is spotlighting the weakness of his arguments.

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