Trump sitting at the defense table during his New York fraud trial.

Trump Might Put Himself Out Of Business As He Will Deliver Part Of Fraud Trial Closing Argument

Trump is potentially facing a ban from doing business in New York and possibly close to $400 million in penalties, so the former president has decided to deliver part of his closing argument himself.

Trump Plans To Make Part Of Fraud Trial Closing Argument Himself

ABC News reported:

Former President Trump intends to personally deliver part of the defense’s closing argument at the conclusion of his civil fraud trial in New York on Thursday, sources familiar with the former president’s strategy tell ABC News.

The defendants in the case — Trump, his two eldest sons and two former Trump Organization executives — are represented by three primary attorneys, Christopher Kise, Clifford Robert and Alina Habba. But sources say Trump himself is determined to deliver a portion of the closing statement.

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Trump Has Already Been Found Guilty Of Fraud

The only thing at stake in the current trial is the future of Trump’s business in New York. Trump, his two adult sons, and other defendants have already been found guilty of fraud. The current trial is being held to determine the penalty phase. There is expected to be a substantial fine, along with a determination that funds are owed to the state of New York. The Trump Organization could also face the corporate death penalty and be banned from doing business in New York.

Trump has been attempting to use the fraud trial as a campaign event, so it is no surprise that he intends to give a political speech disguised as a closing statement.

Abraham Lincoln once said, “The man who represents himself has a fool for a client,” and there may be no bigger fool than Donald J. Trump.

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