Ron DeSantis quits the presidential race.

Florida Newspaper Rips Ron DeSantis After He Quits And Endorses Trump

The Miami Herald published a blistering editorial that took Gov. Ron DeSantis to task for using Florida for his presidential ambitions but then endorsing Trump.

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The editorial board wrote:

As he exited, he endorsed former President Donald J. Trump. Of course, he had no choice. The Florida governor tried to sell voters the idea that he’s just like Trump, but more electable, more reasonable — but also more conservative. That didn’t work because, in the end, DeSantis’ brand wouldn’t exist without MAGA.

It’s not just that he was steamrolled by Donald Trump. DeSantis never appeared to want to save the GOP. He was more interested in making it a more ravenous, angrier and intolerant party. That worked for Trump, but didn’t work for the governor with all the charisma of burned toast.

So now DeSantis’ presidential campaign has ended. But the damage of the laws he has pushed through in Florida, as he landed more appearances on Fox News, will live on. Without his political ambitions, there likely wouldn’t be “Don’t say gay,” woke wars and the waste of state resources to fight meaningless battles against drag queen bars. These were efforts to appeal to Trump’s base but his supporters refused to leave the former president, especially after he was indicted.

DeSantis screwed up Florida or screwed it up more, depending on your perspective, because he wanted to be president. Gov. DeSantis will now head back to Florida for the next three years unless his sucking up to Trump lands him on the presidential ticket or with a job in a future Trump administration.

DeSantis is only 45 years old, but his campaign was such a spectacular failure that it is difficult to see him ever being a credible presidential candidate again. Ron DeSantis was supposed to save the GOP from Trump, but instead, he dropped out before New Hampshire and kissed the gold-plated handcuffs of the likely Republican presidential nominee and potentially convicted felon.

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