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Republicans Want Democrats To Save Mike Johnson’s Job In Exchange For Ukraine Aid

Speaker Mike Johnson may put the Ukraine aid bill on the House floor, but only if Democrats help to save his job when Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene tries to fire him.

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How Can Mike Johnson Be Outsted As Speaker Over Ukraine Aid?


Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) has had his job threatened by Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) who is promising to bring a motion to vacate to the House floor if aid to Ukraine passes the House in any form.

According to Punchbowl News, Johnson is not opposed to Ukraine aid, but an ally suggests House Democrats may have to promise to vote to save his job in exchange for getting the bill to the House floor:

Of course, Johnson has to deal with a potential motion to vacate from hardline conservatives over Ukraine that could cost him his job. (Rep. Brian) Fitzpatrick, whose bill includes lethal foreign aid only and a modest border security fix, is urging Democrats to consider saving Johnson’s speakership if that happens. Fitzpatrick said that could be the deciding factor for whether the United States abandons Ukraine.

“We need our Democrat colleagues to help us out here,” Fitzpatrick said. “We can’t be punishing anybody who puts a two-party bill on the floor to save America and the world from existential threats.”

Should Democrats Save Mike Johnson?

Johnson wouldn’t need the entire Democratic caucus to vote for him. The speaker would likely need three to eight Democrats to support him to elect him speaker again. The Republican House majority is so small that Greene and one or two of her allies could oust Johnson. It would then be up to a couple of Democrats to save Johnson’s job.

Should Democrats do it in exchange for Ukraine aid?

If Johnson got the support of any Democrats to keep his job, he would be a dead man walking politically speaking.

House Democrats could and should ask for more in exchange for saving Johnson.

Democrats should seek Ukraine aid and a promise to fund the government for the rest of the year because the odds are good that Republicans are going to lose the House in November, so any saving of Johnson would be for the short-term only.

The issue is that Democrats aren’t the majority in the House and it isn’t their job to pick the speaker.

If House Democrats had to save Johnson, Leader Hakeem Jeffries probably would not whip the speaker vote and allow his caucus to vote however they wanted.

Democrats should not be put in this position.  Johnson ought to show some leadership and put Ukraine aid up for a vote.

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