Marjorie Taylor Greene speaks before Donald Trump's rally in South Carolina.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Has A Pornographic Slip Up While Saying Trump’s Name

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) was talking about how excited the crowd in South Carolina was to see Trump when she called him President Come.


Greene said, “You can hear the excitement in the crowd. They’re cheering and so excited to see President Come.”

Who knows what Greene is trying to say, but she does seem to have a Hunter Biden porn addiction.
I am pretty sure that even the most devoted Trump supporters didn’t come to a rally to see Donald Trump do what her words suggested. Greene worships Trump and desperately wants to be his running mate, but if what she said is what is on her mind, I may need to go and inject some bleach.

Donald Trump hopefully will be just speaking to the crowd in South Carolina today on the eve of the state’s presidential primary, where Trump hopes to increase his death grip on the Republican nomination.

As for Marjorie Taylor Greene, it is safe to say that she does not have a future career in television, even if she seems to be a red stater who works blue.

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