Stephen Colbert talks about the media and Russian asset Republicans.

Stephen Colbert Hammers The Media For Ignoring Russian Asset Republicans

Stephen Colbert called out the media for mostly ignoring the fact that House Republicans are basing their Biden impeachment on Russian disinformation.

Colbert said:

Russian influence in the Republican party, look no further than their sham impeachment of Joe Biden, which they hope to accomplish by first attacking Hunter Biden. Hunter was on Capitol Hill today to testify in front of the impeachment committee. We don’t know what he said, but we do know that the G.O.P. Case is imploding, thanks to their star witness, Alexander Smirnov, seen here, not being seen here. Back in 2020, Smirnov told his FBI handler that he could testify that the owner of the Ukrainian energy company Burisma had arranged to pay $5 million in bribes to both President Biden and his son Hunter. That is what you’d call a smoking gun, okay, if it were smoking or a gun.

Now, back then, the FBI warned Republicans this information was stop them from staking their entire case on this clown-sky. And it turns out that might have been an oopsie-daisy because now Smirnov has been charged with lying to the FBI and creating false records and has admitted that he had been fed information about Hunter Biden from Russia’s intelligence services. The Republicans in Congress trying to impeach the President Of tThe United States based on false information piped directly into Capitol Hill by the Kremlin, at any other point in human history, would be a scandal of such magnitude and gravity that it would tilt the Earth off its orbit around the sun. But you don’t hear much about it because half of the media in the United States is focused on the scandal of “Old man old and likes ice cream.” I like ice cream too.

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Even late-night comedians see the absurdity in the slanted nature of the media’s political coverage. The backlash between the press deciding that serious stories like Russia giving and Republicans laundering and accepting disinformation being given lower priority than Joe Biden’s age, or the fact that he eats ice cream by so much of the American political press is a real problem.

Not all outlets engage in this behavior, but some of the biggest, like The New York Times, are consistent offenders.

Those issues who don’t believe that protecting democracy is an important issue are doing the work of autocratic forces under the pretense of journalism.

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