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Stephen Colbert talks about Trump on The Late Show.

Stephen Colbert Delivers One Of The Most Crushing Jokes Ever About Trump

Stephen Colbert compared Biden and Trump and called Trump a malicious elderly rapist in a crushing description of the former president. Colbert said: Last Thursday, we finally got the report from the special counsel investigating Joe Biden’s retention of classified documents, Robert Hur. Hur’s investigation found insufficient evidence to charge the president with a crime….


Stephen Colbert Destroys Trump By Listing Everything He’s Condemned More Strongly Than Nazis

Stephen Colbert perfectly put his finger on why America is so outraged by Trump’s weak response to Nazi domestic terrorism by listing everything that Trump has condemned more strongly than Nazis. Video: https://youtu.be/NQ2ljdc7DN8?t=3m17s Colbert said, “It’s not like Trump is a shrinking violet. He’s known for criticizing things. If only the President was as mad…


Meet the New Enemies of Glenn Beck: Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert

Poor Glenn Beck just can’t let go of his jealousy of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. Today on his Fox News program, Beck went on the attack against Stewart and Colbert by claiming that they keep people in denial. He said, “What better way to keep people sheep then making sure that people get their news from a comedian?….Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, that’s not news. That’s a monologue. That’s jokes.”

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