Lace ‘Em Up: Why Neo-Conservatives Are So Anxious To Put Boots On The Ground

boots on the groundWhen fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying the cross.

The words of Sinclair Lewis, the first American to win the Nobel Prize in Literature, have never been more prevalent than they are today.  As Americans become more and more polarized in their political views, there has emerged a segment of the population who believe in what they consider to be an ideal vision of America.  This ideal vision is one they claim to be true as it represents the values of the Christian nation that our forefathers had envisioned for this great land.  This vision represents the true intent of our founding fathers and anyone who disagrees with this vision represents a person that despises this great land.

This past week, we have seen the fears of Sinclair Lewis manifest themselves nearly eighty years after his original quote.  Unfortunately, it has become commonplace in this day and age for a select group of the American public to enforce their beliefs onto the general population as a whole.  The problem is that this group of people is given significant airtime on major television networks and they are often portrayed by the media as experts in their field.  Their words and their suggestions are taken seriously and often spark political debate both inside and outside of the Beltway.  And yet, through it all, their words and actions represent the exact thing Sinclair Lewis warned us about well before World War II.

I’m talking about Neo-Conservatives and their incessant desire to go to war.

For today’s warmongering right, there has never been a war too small or insignificant to become involved in.  Just look at Fox News’ own Bill O’Reilly who has suggested that we raise a 25,000-man mercenary army to defeat ISIS.  O’Reilly’s idea was so bizarre and outlandish that not only was he mocked on his own show but he also felt the need to defend his idea against Stephen Colbert, of all people, in what has only further added insult to injury.  Despite the fact that O’Reilly’s fighting force has rightfully been shot down, there still remains a large percentage of Neocons who believe that the only way for America to prove its superiority is through military might.  And unlike Bill O’Reilly, these Neocons have significant influence in our government.

Enter John McCain.  The senior senator from Arizona has long been a staple on the Sunday talk shows for the sole reason that he will undoubtedly be criticizing President Obama, no matter what kind of reasonable and well-thought-out policies the president might have in place on a particular issue.  This past week, McCain criticized President Obama claiming he knew all along that a group like ISIS had the potential to emerge if we didn’t leave a residual force in Iraq.  In seeing the danger that ISIS now presents, McCain has gone full in on the idea of having American boots on the ground thereby engaging a violent terrorist group that will ultimately lead to the loss of gallant American soldiers.  Despite his own personal history as a POW, Senator McCain apparently sees no problem in sending American sons and daughters abroad to fight a group that has beheaded multiple prisoners.

And yet, despite all that John McCain is still not the biggest warmonger out there today.  That award goes to former Vice President Dick Cheney.  Cheney, the architect behind the colossal failure that was the 2003 Iraq War, still feels important enough to give President Obama foreign policy advice, and our news media still gives him a platform to do it.  Last week, Cheney appeared on Sean Hannity’s show on Fox and fanned the flames of war in insisting that ISIS could attack the United States in ways that were worse than September 11th.  Cheney said, “I believe there will be another mass casualty attack against the United States, and I do believe that next time they will have deadlier weapons than airline tickets and box cutters.”  Cheney also advocated for boots on the ground and has publicly stated that President Obama’s foreign policy has been a major reason for the rise of ISIS in the region.

For Neo-Conservatives, ISIS has become a convenient ally in their ongoing quest to get America involved in another ground war in the Middle East.  Since the election of Barack Obama in 2008, Neo-Conservatives like O’Reilly, McCain, and Cheney have tried to justify going to war by way of false patriotism.  They have insisted that the world needs American troops to provide stability, completely ignoring their own past history when they were three of the biggest supporters for the invasion of Iraq under President George W. Bush.  These three neocon warmongers have consistently and unabashedly criticized President Obama for arriving at diplomatic solutions rather than blindly sending in the American military to fight ground battles in hostile lands.  Neocons like O’Reilly, McCain, and Cheney honestly believe that for the United States to proclaim itself as God’s chosen nation and to become an example to the rest of the world, it must emerge victorious from a ground war against a foreign enemy.  Then and only then will the United States reach its full potential.

Unfortunately, this neocon mindset remains a threat to our modern democracy.  By consistently giving neocons a national platform to discuss their ideas and criticize the President, there remains a large segment of the population convinced that a ground war with ISIS would be a good thing.  There’s a clear reason that 70% of USA Today readers oppose using ground soldiers against ISIS while 57% of Fox News viewers actually support this idea.  Being consistently exposed to the ideas of Bill O’Reilly and other warmongering hosts, Fox News viewers have come to the conclusion that the only real way to defeat ISIS is to send in the American military ground forces.  For an audience that has consistently been told that Barack Obama has been the worst modern president, giving them the idea that America has something to prove becomes a powerful sentiment.  The average Fox News viewer honestly believes that the only way to prove the United States is God’s chosen country is to emerge victorious from a land war in the Middle East.

It is that viewpoint right there that represents Sinclair Lewis’ worst nightmare:  An America blindly clamoring for war and not even realizing they are being duped by fascist leaders on the right.

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  1. “It is forbidden to kill; therefore all murderers are punished unless they kill in large numbers and to the sound of trumpets.”
    ― Voltaire

  2. I think it’s because their stock holdings in the military industrial complex aren’t paying off, and they haven’t stashed enough money in their offshore tax havens. It’s all about profit.

  3. They want boots on the ground for monetary gain, period. They profit because of their connections to Haliburton. The political party that lies and says it is pro life, reveal their hypocrisy by supporting war, gun manufacturers, and organizations that are pro gun. They make me want to vomit!

  4. Maybe, and just maybe…they MIGHT get their wish: An American strike /attack on ISIS with a fast acting reactionary force on the ground to Wipe those Bad Asses OUT! Okay….follow me on this. Although the President does NOT want “boots on the ground” at this moment, I believe that at some point in the not too distant future we will have Marines kicking ass over there again. And this time we WILL BE CHEERING! The “good” war. Why? Remember President Roosevelt did NOT want America to get involved in “Europe’s war”. But he sent Arms and WWI ships (The “Lend Lease” Program). THEN…the Japanese attacked US soil at Pearl Harbor. THE GLOVES CAME OF—Roosevelt, against his desires, declared WAR on Germany (Hitler & the Nazis AND Japan!)So, I see something similar happening—then Obama WILL send the BOOTS!As he should–Then. To wipe out the ISIS scourge. The world WILL cheer. We then shall see those Flowers thrown at US troops as LIBERATORS. Far fetched? Hmmm.

  5. I would ask one simple question. If we were to put boots on the ground in Syria and Iraq, how would that stop anyone over there from planning, financing and executing an act of terror here?

    Are we to understand that every terrorist is in the fight against us in those 2 countries? Is that what we are supposed to believe? Does cheney the dick, McCain and Lindy think that for a second? Oh hell no i say. Hell no. For power. To own the middle east and make sure the Russians get nothing in the future. To give power to the priests that want to run our lives while we wage wars

    Anyone who thinks we scare people by putting boots on the ground needs merely to look at the 6,000+ dead in Iraq and Afghanistan

  6. they want boots on the ground so they can blame O when the death tolls starts rising nothing else. Boots on the Ground=certain Death=Blame O everytime.

  7. If republicans want boots on the ground that badly then we should reinstitute the draft, and only draft republicans regardless of age, gender, and disability.

  8. Mark it down – The “first” American ground force victim of an ISIS beheading will be projected on the international scene by FOX Noise. (And Fox would prefer it be a female soldier – emphasis mine, knowing their twisted mindset.)

  9. The Neocons believe in continuous U. S. involvement in combat around the world. They are bad for everyone’s health. They don’t realize John Wayne movies are fiction. Obama is not going to send troops in period and that’s driving them crazy. Well, at least it’s a short trip for them.

  10. It baffles me that these Neo-cons are busy fanning the embers of wars and boots on the ground when China is busy doing real business and overtaking the USA economy.They do not fight war but will do business when US clears the way for them. The US economy is recovering from a great meltdown because of Obama’s insistence that war is not the solution.The Police of the world status should be turned into the producer and manufacturer of the world and you will see how China will fall flat. What the Middle East and crisis-torn countries need is good governance and not American Garrisons which costs a lot of tax payer’s money. Iraq is a critical example.Resist these War Mongers!

  11. Not entirely true Thomas. Roosevelt wanted to get involve, knew we had to…and step by step manipulated it so we could.

  12. Nope. This president, unlike any since WW II, knows that leading any on-the-ground attacks on Muslims, no matter HOW despicable they are, reinforces the glaring image of Western Crusader Imperialism. President Obama understands as few before him ever have that the ONLY way to defeat ISIS (and it appears to be working if only early stages) is for the faces behind the rifles to be those of the people ISIS is decimating. It is THEIR civil war across cultural, ethnic, and ideological lines. It cannot and must not be another incursion by the West. ISIS is the front edge of the crumbling of decades of Western imperial dictates in Arab lands, the crumbling of Versailles, the fall of the Balfour declaration, the eruption of anti-Western reaction to Bush’s little war.

    It cannot be fought by us. It MUST be fought by the people directly harmed by ISIS. This president is wise enough to see our current role as ending our decades long former one. That will not change.

  13. I think Maxie (above) is right. It’s all about the money. There are probably a handful of these people who have some misguided ideological affinity for war but they are led by Cheney & Co. who are only in it for the money. Actually I have to re-think that a little – It’s possible, in Cheney’s case, that he is equally invested in the human suffering and death.

  14. I respectfully disagree.
    For those at the highest level, war is merely a profitable scheme. It’s only about the money.

    However, they garner support for the idea from their ignorant, testosterone-poisoned goober base by pandering to their aggressive nationalism and wounded pride.

  15. your missing the hidden issue, what is actually there that these people really want?give you 3 guesses on why these people use our military and you only need 1,the crap is getting so deep you have to sprout wings to stay above it all…wolf

  16. War driven economies don’t work. Bush and Cheney proved that fact. Neo-cons love the money that war brings and nothing else. The old saying.. “old men declare wars, young men die in them” fits well here except for the fact of money. Remove the money factor then reverse would be true, Wars would never happen again! Better yet, let these Neo-con young sons and daughters, etc. start dying in war. There would not be enough air wave time on Fox News and the like to handle the outrageous against war. Let the Mittie R. types sons and daughters, etc. start dying, the outrage would be heard across the world no matter how much money involved.

  17. Let’s reinstate a universal draft and pass war tax legislation and see how quickly the neocon idiots decide that maybe going to war over nonsense is not such a good idea. We cannot win these tribal wars with our superior military power. That has been proven to us over and over again since Vietnam. For the mighty United States of America to go to “war” against 15,000 ragtag guys in a desert on the other side of the world is absurd. We look like fools even talking about it. Stop bombing civilian populations and remove their hatred directed toward us. Kicking Israel to the curb, demanding a rightful resolution for the brutalized Palestinians to have their own independent nation, and go back to minding our own business will solve the problem.

  18. Don’t be silly. ISIS is not the mighty German army. We make fools of ourselves taking on a land war against a ragtag band of 15,000 nobodies. This insane neocon mindset that we have to fist fight everyone on the world’s block is stupid, stupid, stupid.

  19. Yes, I do think it’s far-fetched, Thomas P-51. Because Islamist extremism would just find a way to morph into something else. It always does. Like the Hydra (to our Hercules), it would rear another ugly head up. Boots on the ground would result in charnel-house on the ground.

  20. I recently watched Rachel Maddow’s “Why We Did It” – why we invaded Iraq. OIL. Dick Cheney and his neocon cohorts haven’t given up on the idea of taking over Iraq (and now Syria) for their OIL. Plain & simple, they want the OIL. They are now using the same old fear-mongering tactics they used in the lead up to the 2003 invasion of Iraq. It is amazing to me that any sane person would consider supporting this war-call again.

  21. Lets see that energy report that the SCOTUS ruled we didn’t have the right to see. I am quite sure it was a honest report and no way, no how did it include carving up Iraq oil fields

  22. Be real for the Repugs it’s all about money or the oil they want to steal. Repugs don’t care about the throops they will be putting in harms way.

  23. War is money, profit, greed, the neo cons are all heavily invested in the American War Machine. The profit from a War time economy far exceeds the profit from a peace time economy. The manufacturing of 1.8 million dollar a piece Tomahawk missile and its sale to the Department of Defense versus the manufacturing of a set of $799.00 washer and dryer and their sale to a husband and wife just does not add up in the profit margins. The rich, wealthy, elite republicans go to war for profit and greed, they do not care how many tens of millions die, only about the hundreds of billions of dollars profit if made for the chosen republican few. Truth.

  24. This is so true, if we tax the republican owned American War Machine, to the point that there is no profit from war. There will never be another war, unless our country is in danger. Only when there is no profit made in a war time economy, will we finally return to a peace time economy. And where is the call for new taxes now, to be raised to pay for this new war. Does the republican controlled congress think that the money to pay for this war will continue to be put on the George W. Bush credit card to China, that payed for his two wars and prescription drug program he instituted, all while giving the rich wealthy republicans the greatest tax cut this country had ever seen. This is bullshite, where is the cry for new taxes on all Americans and American corporations to pay for the new war, lets pay for the war as we go, not out it one the credit card George W. Bush started with China, the Bush debt that is still with us today, strangling our economy.

  25. Old men – especially old white men – just never get enough of sending young people off to get killed, crippled, and maimed.


  26. Fifty seven percent of Fox No News support having U.S. troops fighting ISIS. So ding bat O’Reilly there is your 25,000 man mercenary army. Except we all know that those who watch FNN would rather shoot an unarmed man carrying an ice tea while eating Skittles. Or shoot a man with his hands up 6 times then claim self defense. Which boils down to, the 57% of FNN viewer are cowards who want booths on the ground to fight ISIS as long as it is not their or their families boots.

  27. You’re right. In a little more detail:

    Saudi’s sell oil… ; Saudi’s profit.
    Terrorists get money from Saudi’s; terrorists profit.
    Terrorists buy weapons from 3rd parties; 3rd parties profit.
    US sends sends troops and weapons to fight terrorists; US weapon makers & their investors profit.
    US uses refined oil to send troops & weapons; US refineries & their investors profit.
    Saudis sell oil … to US refineries; Saudi’s profit.

    Repeat ad infinitum.

  28. Wow, this is the most bias site I have ever seen. I have actually taken care of patients while traveling to these areas to help them in their need. Our military is far from perfect however, we do provide security for a lot of great people who while we are there at least sleep peacefully without fear of terror and killing, something that most Americans never have to face. Is our government pure? Of course not, is our military perfect? no, however if you choose to believe this drivel go on with your sorry lives and pretend that you are that much better than everyone else.

    You keep lying to yourselves and I will continue to care for those people afflicted by ISIS. continue to believe your lies, there is happiness to be found???

  29. Benny,

    As a ER physician I study toxicology, just do some research and you will learn what those items will make. Does that justify the situation of what happened to Trevon, no, not at all. Nor does it make what anyone in that situation right. But your biased opinion and comment void of understanding needed a little schooling!

  30. Dianne, please pull your head out and pay attention. Your drivel is not seen as completely uneducated here because you spew it to people just as insane as yourself.

  31. You have to make up your mind. One minute you are in Africa, the next you are taking care of Syrians and Iraqis.

    I think you play a doctor on TV and thats it

  32. Bill, start responding to what people say and stop the BS. We know you are either a tea bag or a conservative.

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