Stephen Colbert talks about Trump selling bibles

Stephen Colbert Rips Apart The Trump Bible Con

Stephen Colbert took apart Trump’s selling of Bibles con by pointing out Trump is charging $60 for writing that is in the public domain.

Colbert took apart Trump’s Bible hawking video:

Trump: I’m proud to be partnering with my very good friend, Lee Greenwood. Who doesn’t love his song “God Bless The USA”?

Colbert: Yes, who doesn’t love Greenwood’s “God Bless The USA” and his other big hits like… “Thank you for blessing USSA, god.” You know who really loves that song? Lee Greenwood. He has a different ad for this bible that says this.

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Commercial: Introducing the limited edition god bless the usa bible,3 inspired by Lee Greenwood’s hit song and the most recognized patriotic anthem in America, “God Bless The USA”.

Colbert:  Yes! I challenge anyone to name a more recognized patriotic anthem in this entire nation. A national sort of anthem, if you will! I kid, of course. We all know it’s “Party In The USA.” [Cheering] Thank you for your service, Miley! Long may you wrecking ball.

Trump: This bible is the King James version and also includes our founding father documents. Yes, the constitution. Also the Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence, and the Pledge of Allegiance.

Colbert: So you’re spending $60 on public domain writing. “If you order now, you’ll get all the lyrics to Camptown Races and a picture of Jesus’ most beloved disciple, Steamboat Willie.” Trump continued to shill.

Trump: All Americans need a bible in their home, and I have many.

Colbert: Yes. It’s true. Many. He has to have spare bibles. ‘Cause every time he holds one, it bursts into flames. 


The bible selling a ridiculous con, and it is easy to laugh at for its absurdity, but it far from the worst thing that Trump will do to America in any given day.

This is a guy who stole classified and government documents and hid them in his bathroom. He is capable of much, much worse before most of us have even finished our morning coffee.

As Colbert pointed out the USA bibles are nothing new. This con has been around for years. The only difference is that Trump signed a licensing deal to hawk these corruptions of faith to his marks.

Donald Trump can’t even hold a bible right side up, but he’s selling them like he’s an expert.

It is silly, and was deservingly taken apart by Stephen Colbert.

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