A House Republican Is Livid Because The DOJ Won’t Prosecute Stephen Colbert

At least one House Republican is outraged after the 1/6 Committee hearing. Rep. Greg Steube is angry that the DOJ will not be prosecuting Stephen Colbert’s team.

A group of nine people associated with Colbert’s show wandered away from their staff escort while filming a Triumph the Insult Comic Dog segment and were charged by the Capitol Police with unlawful entry into a Capitol building.

The Day After A 1/6 Committee Hearing About Trump And Republicans Want To Talk About Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert’s team was allowed to be in the Capitol. However, they were told they had to stay with their staff guide, and they did not, so the Capitol Police kicked them out.

Donald Trump’s armed supporters stormed the Capitol intending to overthrow the government to keep Donald Trump in power. Triumph the Insult Comic Dog was not trying to overthrow the government.

There is trespass as in oops, we went somewhere we weren’t supposed to be, and there is trespass as in hanging Mike Pence and killing Nancy Pelosi.

Republicans are trying to both sides the insurrection, but the media hasn’t fallen for it so far. Merrick Garland and the DOJ have nearly 400 defendants who took part in the 1/6 attack awaiting trial.

The DOJ has better things to do with its time than prosecute a hand puppet and a comedy show staff.