Stephen Colbert talks about Trump's speech in Wisconsin.

Stephen Colbert Catches Trump Not Knowing What Is In His Own Speech

Stephen Colbert pointed out that Trump seems to be taken by surprise by his own speeches that he doesn’t seem to know what’s in them.

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Colbert played a clip of Trump saying, “You know, we won this state. We won this state by a lot. And it came out that we won this state, actually.”

The Late Night host responded, “Pretty bold to go to a state you lost and tell the crowd you actually won. That’s like bumping into your ex and saying, ‘Amanda, hi. You look well, which of course I know because it came out that we’re still together. We’re still together by a lot.'”

Colbert played another Trump clip, “Remember, 10:00. Everyone’s calling me. They’re saying, “Congratulations, sir.” And then at 3:02 in the morning, a lot of dumps happened.”

Stephen Colbert responded,  “A lot of dumps. So, Just a regular night for Donald Trump. There were times that it was obvious this was the first time he’d seen the speech. Like this moment.”

Trump, “They’re all leaving. Just last week, Master Lock — I buy Master Locks — closed down…. Now I won’t buy them any more.”

Stephen Colbert responded, “Kind of caught himself by surprise there. ‘And Charles Manson — great guy, hell of a musician, killed a bunch of people, which is why he’s bad, I guess. Lock him up with a Master Lock, which we do not use.'”


Not only is Trump now chained to his teleprompter for every speech that he gives, but he apparently doesn’t see the speeches before he stands in front of the crowd and reads the words like a bad actor who needs cue cards to remember his lines.

Republicans have picked a guy who can’t form his own thoughts off script anymore to be their presidential nominee. Trump’s been caught. His first day of campaigning in weeks was a disaster, as his campaign should put him back into hiding until his criminal trial on April 15.

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