Donald Trump speaks after the Supreme Court's 14th Amendment ruling.

Cognitively Declining Trump Needs Teleprompter For 14th Amendment Remarks

Even chained to his teleprompter, Donald Trump couldn’t hold it together while reacting to the Supreme Court’s 14th Amendment ruling.

After talking about and distorting the Supreme Court’s ruling, Trump went into the bizarre claim that he needs presidential immunity to kill terrorists.

Trump also falsely claimed that he killed the two biggest terrorists in history:


It was clear that Trump was reading these heavily scripted remarks from a teleprompter, but that didn’t stop him from claiming that all of the prosecutions against him were being carried out by a cabal of Trump haters with Biden as the mastermind.


The sad part is that his campaign tried to make this teleprompter speech sound unscripted, but they couldn’t because Trump had his reading voice and posture on. When Trump is chained to his teleprompter his arms are usually stiff at his sides, and his voice is a monotone, as if he is reading a script, which is what he was doing.

It was reported on Monday morning that Trump’s campaign knows that he is in cognitive decline, and they are trying to hide that decline from the American people.

Trump basically gave a campaign speech, and minimally reacted to the Supreme Court case.

This is not the Donald Trump of eight years ago. The former president is fading fast, and his campaign might not have enough tricks left to hide it.

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