Trump delivers remarks on Super Tuesday.

Donald Trump Sounds Shockingly Old In Super Tuesday Speech

Trump sounded incredibly old and barely functional in remarks to the nation on Super Tuesday.

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Trump repeated his usual lies. If you have heard one Trump stump speech in 2024, 202o, or 2016, you’ve heard the speech that he gave in Florida tonight.

What was different was the presentation.

Watch this clip of Trump’s speech:

Remember that the media sells Trump as the candidate with more energy and vigor than Joe Biden, but watching this clip, Donald Trump sounds like he is past his bedtime and he needs to get off the stage and go to sleep.

Donald Trump sounds old and tired—shockingly old and tired. Trump has only been campaigning for roughly one day a week in 2024, and it is easy to see why.

Trump can no longer handle being out on the campaign trail. He lacks the energy and stamina to campaign.

President Biden, the guy who the media claims could be too old to do the job, looks like he could run circles literally and intellectually around this version of Donald Trump.

If this is the actual condition of Trump, he shouldn’t be running for president, and he is unfit to serve.

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