Was that Katie Britt's real voice?

No, That Wasn’t Katie Britt’s Real Voice

Sen. Katie Britt’s State Of The Union rebuttal was so bad that top Republicans are trashing it. Even worse, that wasn’t Sen. Britt’s real voice.

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What That Katie Britt’s Real Voice?

No, that was not Katie Britt’s voice. The freshman senator from Alabama does not usually sound like that.

This was how Katie Britt sounded in the rebuttal:

This was how Britt sounded in a video posted just before the rebuttal:

Republicans keep making the same mistake with the SOTU rebuttal. Under Donald Trump, Republicans pick someone who they think looks like a demographic that they want to reach without considering whether that person is experienced and can deliver an effective message to the nation without becoming an SNL skit and ruining their career.

Britt was so bad that Senate Republicans are posting text quotes instead of video clips:

Here is some Republican reaction to Britt as collected by Rolling Stone:

“What the hell am I watching right now?” a Trump adviser asked, mid-Britt remarks.

“Creepy,” one of the Republican pollsters noted.

A lawyer working in the Trump orbit says the performance reminded them of public-access television, and a senior House congressional aide remarks that it was “cringe”-inducing to watch and likely destined to be turned into a “lame [Saturday Night Live] skit” this weekend.

And by lame, the Republican quoted above means very funny and pop culture defining.

Either she was nervous, or Britt decided to use that voice on her own. Either way, it was not her real voice, and it is a disaster that Republicans are trying to clean up.

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