Katie Britt SOTU rebuttal

Stepford Katie Britt Crashes And Burns In SOTU Rebuttal Disaster

Sen. Katie Britt’s (R-AL) State Of The Union rebuttal joined the GOP weirdo rebuttal hall of fame as she sounded like a Stepford wife.

Video of Britt:

Britt tried to claim that President Biden was out of touch as she sounded like she had gotten way too much of that Xanax that Trump used to pass out to anyone and everyone from the White House pharmacy.

The remarks were spooky because her facial expressions and tone of voice did not match the words she was saying.

For example, Britt smiles while talking about how American families are hurting:

It all got totally creepy as Britt tried to scare America on immigration while adopting an otherworldly ghost like tone of voice:

Britt was actually trying to use the fundamentalist Christian woman voice. If you’ve ever watched 19 Kids and Counting, you’ve heard Michelle Duggar use that voice. The wife of Speaker Mike Johnson used that voice.

Here is Katie Britt’s real voice:

She should have used her real voice. She would not have freaked out America and completely distracted the country from what she was saying.

It has become an annual tradition that Republicans will trot out some weirdo that they claim is a rising star and kill their career with a bizarre SOTU rebuttal.

Katie Britt may have once had a future, but now she is going to be an SNL sketch.

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