Jim Jordan speaks at his hearing on violent crime that got no media coverage

White House Blasts Jim Jordan For Lying During Robert Hur Hearing

House Judiciary Committee Chair Jim Jordan claimed President Biden was motivated by a book advance to share classified info with his ghostwriter, but the White House.

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Jordan made some outlandish fact-free claims:

White House spokesperson for oversight and investigations, Ian Sams, blasted Jordan, “Jim Jordan totally lying and misleading Americans. The Hur report found there were “innocent” explanations for the documents being mistakenly taken. It found Biden “did not let others access” his notebooks. It says the “evidence does not show” Biden knew passages were classified.”

The hearing itself has been a farce. House Republicans have no clear message and can’t decide if they believe that Biden is a mentally declining old man who is unfit to be president or he is a criminal mastermind.

It is the same confused message that Republicans and Trump have been sending for months. Trump will claim that Biden can’t put two sentences together and then rant about how President Biden is running a massive conspiracy that spans multiple states and jurisdictions to prosecute him.

The hearing is an embarrassment to Congress and Exhibit A for why Republicans should be tossed out of power in November.

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