Trump appeals to Georgia Supreme Court.

Don’t Fall For The Spin: Trump Is Still Charged With RICO In Georgia

Republicans and Trump will try to spin the dismissal of charges related to trying to get public officials to violate their oath of office, but Trump remains charged with racketeering in Georgia,

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CNN reported:

The presiding judge in this case, Scott McAfee, decided that he’s going to throw out six of the 41 counts in this indictment. We should also be clear, though the most important count in this indictment, the racketeering count, is still standing in this case, but in the short term, the counts having to deal with the solicitation of the violation of an oath and office. So these defendants that were alleged to have tried to get pumped officials calls to violate their oath by creating this fake elector scheme. Or as we saw, the former president and tried to get to the secretary of state to overturn the election results here, those charges are no longer applicable in this case. Scott McAfee, the judge ruling that the district attorney attorney’s office did not provide enough details as to what part of the oath these defendants tried to get these public officials to violate any called that ultimately a fatal error. 


Legal expert Norm Eisen pointed out that McAfee’s ruling is a sign that the judge isn’t going to disqualify DA Willis:

Trump and MAGA are going to blow a lot of smoke about this dismissal and blow it way out of proportion, but the truth is that these counts were minor counts. The big charges against Trump are those related to RICO. If the case was meritless, the judge would have taken any one of the numerous opportunities that he has had to dismiss the charges against Trump.

McAfee has chosen not to do it, so at some point, it likely that Donald Trump will face RICO charges in Georgia.

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