Republicans Are Telling Voters To Boycott Trump’s Ohio Rally

Ohio Republicans are asking voters to boycott Trump's rally with J.D. Vance, and if they go, they are asked to…

4 weeks ago

J.D. Vance Rails Against Ohio State’s Vaccine Mandate, Claims They Are an “Invasion of Medical Privacy”

Writing in an op-ed for The Columbus-Dispatch, Ohio senatorial candidate J.D. Vance, the author of the best-selling Hillbilly Elegy, railed against…

9 months ago

Report: Trump is Pumping Big Money Into Ohio Primary Because He’s Scared of Another Candidate He Endorsed Losing

Donald Trump needs something to do. Thanks to an investigation by New York State, his business career is in shambles.…

10 months ago

Hillbilly Elegy Author JD Vance is Entering the Ohio Senate Race as a Republican

JD Vance has quite a backstory. Raised in extreme poverty in Middletown, Ohio, he eventually earned a law degree from…

11 months ago

WATCH: Biden Presents List of GOP Lawmakers Who Voted Against COVID Relief Then Took Credit For It

Soon after taking office, Joe Biden presented an aggressive COVID relief plan. Seeing how the pandemic has affected both Democrats…

12 months ago

Ohio Gov. Announces That Residents Can Win $1 Million by Getting Vaccinated

For a few months, there was a mad rush of Americans looking to get vaccinated. And for them, it was…

1 year ago

WATCH: Senator Sherrod Brown Shames Steve Mnuchin Right To His Face

While most of the Mid-West swung back to Joe Biden this election season, the state of Ohio stayed red. That…

1 year ago

Lincoln Project Mocks Trump’s “Presidential Pouting” About Goodyear Tires

The conservative Lincoln Project will mock Donald Trump's calls to boycott Goodyear tires in a new ad aimed at voters…

2 years ago

2016 GOP Presidential Hopeful Kasich One of Many Republicans Speaking Tonight at DNC

Every 4 years, parties use their national conventions to introduce their up and coming stars to America. Who could forget…

2 years ago

Ohio Senator Asks if “Colored People” Who “Don’t Wash Their Hands As Well” Are Responsible for Coronavirus Spread

During a hearing on whether to declare racism a public health crisis, Ohio Senator Steve Huffman (R), who also happens…

2 years ago

Ohio Democrat Wants Trump Prosecuted for Crimes Against Humanity

An Ohio lawmaker wants to prosecute President Donald Trump for crimes against humanity. The Democrat has called on The Hague…

2 years ago

Bridging Rural/Urban Divide Key for Democrats in 2020 and for Exposing Trump Failures

Just yesterday I attended a fair in Port Oneida, Michigan celebrating rural culture. While the focus on Michigan, when it…

3 years ago

In Special Election Rematch, Democrat Is Destroying Republican In Fundraising

Democratic candidate Danny O'Connor isn't just beating his Republican House incumbent opponent in fundraising. He is crushing him by raising…

4 years ago

Sherrod Brown Dismantles Cowardly GOP For Ignoring Widespread Opposition To Trumpcare

Whether they're from a red state or blue state, Democrats are not afraid to speak out against this disastrous piece…

5 years ago

Senate Democrat Promises To ‘Raise Hell’ To Protect The Coal Workers Trump Has Abandoned

Trump conned coal miners in order to win the White House, but Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown promises not to let…

5 years ago

Gov. John Kasich Vetoes Attack on Ohio Clean Energy Law

"Arbitrarily limiting Ohio’s energy generation options amounts to self-inflicted damage to both our state’s near- and long-term economic competitiveness”

5 years ago

Kasich Vetoes Heartbeat Bill While Approving Another Unconstitutional Abortion Measure

Kasich traded one extremist, anti-choice measure for another.

5 years ago

Trump Supporter Shoves Peaceful Protester Down Flight Of Stairs During Demonstration

Other protesters quickly de-escalated the situation before police arrived at the scene.

6 years ago

Late Early Voting Surge In Ohio Swing The Buckeye State Toward Hillary Clinton

A late early vote surge shows an uptick from 2012 in two Democratic counties, causing Michael McDonald of Elect Project…

6 years ago

Hillary Clinton Teams Up With LeBron James To Score A Comeback Victory In Ohio

The Cleveland basketball star knows a thing or two about comeback wins.

6 years ago