Top Sarah Palin Posts

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Keepin' an eye on Sarah
Keepin' an eye on Sarah

Foreign Press Says What America’s Won’t: Sarah Palin is a Traitor

The Other Sarah: What’s wrong with Sarah Palin?

The Truth is Out: Palin’s VP Debate Answers Were Scripted

Sarah Palin’s Approval Rating Hits a New All Time Low

Sarah Palin: Walkin’ the Thin Line with SarahPAC

Palin’s Hagiography Tour Strains Federal Law at Ft. Bragg

Sarah Palin is the Radical Right’s Weapon of Mass Destruction

Alaskans Adamantly Rebuke Palin’s Denial of Stoking Violence

Andrew Sullivan Accuses Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin and Fox News of Sedition

Shades of 2008 as Sarah Palin Can’t Name Her Favorite Founding Father

The Political Apocalypse is Coming As the GOP Guns for Palin

Sarah Palin’s Dangerous Vision of America

Sarah Palin: The GOP’s Self Styled False Prophet

Sarah Palin: Visor Gate or What I did on My Vacay

VINTAGE PALIN MOMENT: Sarah Palin Reads Answers off of Her Hand

Sarah Palin is Being Sued in Federal Court

Sarah Palin Attacks President Obama on Foreign Soil During Wartime

Sarah Palin’s Death Panel: A Conservative’s Confession

Palin’s Lawyer Threatens Kindergarten Teacher

Kerry: Palin is Almost Insulting to Clinton Supporters

Palin’s Farewell Speech; Logorrhea Alert, Level Red

29 Replies to “Top Sarah Palin Posts”

  1. Wow. The editors of this paper must really be threatened by Sarah Palin. You’ve devoted a whole web area to her?
    It’s unbelievable that a party that supports Nancy Pelosi and Barbara Boxer has the gall to critisize anything…

  2. Sarah Jones, I have tried on many occasions to make “John” understand I am tired of his insults and harrassments, towards anyone who says anything he doesn’t agree with, especially when directed at me. PLEASE make it stop or I will not be coming to this site any longer. I’m sorry, I love the exchange of different ideas but he has been allowed to cross a line that shouldn’t be crossed. I a not trying to be difficult but his latest harrassment is ENOUGH! Thank you for your time, Charlotte Jones

  3. Hmmm, then can I criticize your misspelling of criticize? Do Republicans not know what a dictionary or spellcheck is? Such negligence tends to undermine (and underline) your already pathetic, willfully ignorant stance.

  4. John has been dealt with. If you look around you will notice a lack of comments from a certain person. He keeps trying to come back in and harass all of you and I will continue to block and ban him. Sometimes he will sneak in for a few hours, but I always catch him, and delete all of his comments. He is literally taking up hours of my time, but I do it so that people like you can read the site in peace.

    John wants to chase people off of the site. That is why he is doing this, and if he was successful, even with one person like yourself,it would be a victory that he would surely relish. It may seem like you are dealing a cyber bully on your own, but I am here, quietly taking care of this in the background, so stick around, because everything is going to be okay. I value everything that all of you bring to the site and I don’t want to see any of you leave because of this.

  5. …I’m looking for all the tolerance and open mindedness you libs keep bragging about.

    It’s too bad Palin isn’t a part of al Queda or you’d be hunting them to the ends of the Earth….

  6. Breen no one is threatened by Sarah Palin! I know that her sheeple would love to think that we are afraid of her but far from the truth. She is a LIAR, hatemonger, all around bad mom and people are just calling her out! I know her sheeple hate that but get use to it! You can worship her all you want, but people that are capable of thinking for themselves WILL be all over the net saying it how it is…so if you can’t handle it…don’t read it!

  7. Thank you Jason! Its obvious from the reports of the last day the “cons” want to censor us!
    They come on the twitter and tell us not to say this or that! They come on the blogs and either try to censor or derail the conversation with BS.
    Thank you for being vigilant and so we may express our views.
    As I tell them, I am using my FREEDOMS! Got a PROBLEM?
    Thanks Jason & Sarah!

  8. We all have our own viewpoints–and regardless of our stance, I suspect most of us think we hold the “high ground,”–but if any of you actually think that Rachel Maddow and Keith Olberman even resemble honorable news people, I don’t think there’s much hope for you. You certainly don’t have credentials to look down your nose at anyone and question their intelligence. I agree that Fox is an ideological propaganda machine, but not nearly as radical and hate-filled at these two. Bill

  9. Gee what’s going on here America, we are bickering among ourselves, that is what the progressives want us to do. Fight among ourselves and not pay attention on what is really happening. There is progressives in both partys and they need cleaned out, and this country wont go back to the people until they get out of both partys…

  10. What I love about Rachael Maddow is the research and effort she puts into her show. She digs deep and presents facts, she asks hard questions and she doesn’t let people off with political speak. That is what a journalist should do.

  11. Thank you for this very useful blog page. I often have trouble keeping up with all the daffy, ignorant, and destructive stuff Palin engages in — it’s such a rich and deep well. I hope, in one of your future posts, you’ll cover the Dysfunctional Family Circus that the Republican and Tea Party have now become.

  12. Soon I’ll have my “Drill baby, Drill”-tee. 19.95$ Irony is not dead.

    There is just something so exotic with her frank chauvinism and TV-shop smile, or I don’t know, maybe I just have been fed with this gasoline drenched and dirty imagery of Redneck America since I was a kid. And I mean, ALASKA! Its truly alluring for me. And all of the WT psychological projections and rationalizations are also fascinating, this hubris combined with utter disrespect for ones self-worth.

    It is just like a triple episode of Cops for me.
    guess I am not the one that actually have to live in Palin-fear from this side of the Atlantic. :-P

  13. Yesterday I was able to read the article by Sarah Jones “Hackee becomes Hacker” from July of last year. Today I am unable to get to that article. What happened to it? Seems like a strange coincidence that since it was referenced from Laura Novak’s blog yesterday it has now disappeared.

  14. When I click on that link, it takes me to the first paragraph of the article, but when I click “read more” it takes me to the “Top Sarah Palin” stories page, rather than the Hackee article. Were you able to get to the whole article?

  15. It’s our pleasure Crystal. We want to have a community that fosters discussion, and that does not allow for abusive trolling or spamming hate.

  16. We had some issues with a WordPress update. It should be there now. Let us know if you can’t find it. Sorry for the trouble.

  17. I know you must be a busy girl, Sarah, but a responding to a year old post seems somewhat futile or are you just one of those who has to tie up all loose ends?

    I’m a newbie on Politicususa but as a serious Palinphobe I’ll be here daily. Thanx for all your great work in downing the Witch of Wasilla.

  18. Please someone shut this media wh$re up I have never seen some one attack so many people and now her own daughter.
    Besides how does quitting your job where you only had to handle 30% of the population since you lived in a state where it’s 70% reservation land qualify you to do any work in the white house? (maybe she’s smart enough to empty the trash bins)
    I’m sure all 20 of the non-native americans registered in Alaska really enjoyed her stint in office there. Especially after she resigned to go on a book tour.


  20. Rachel Maddow is a very honorable journalist and if you actually sat down and watched her show instead of listening to what her political enemies say about her, you’d have to be a complete moron not to see the hours of research she puts into every story she tells and she FACT CHECKS everything!

    What Bill doesn’t get is that we’re not in the boat with him floating down the sea of kool ade, I dont think I hold any moral highground, nor do any of my liberal friends and we aren’t troubled by facts, nor do we run from them. We do not look down our noses at anyone because we aren’t self-righteous hypocrits. So when a serious journalist goes into such depth and fact checks as much as possible to bring me the facts along with their opinion, it is something I enjoy. What seperates Maddow, Olberman and other journalists like them, if they get those facts wrong they are the first to tell you and the first to apologize. Thankfully they do such a thorough job we dont see that very often. I will watch, listen and read from any journalist and news source who present me with the facts, I dont care what news company it comes from. You may offer your opinion to me along with the facts but I will always be the one who makes up my own mind!

    I dont try to distract people from learning the facts because those facts dont support my position. I dont deny the obvious or shoot the messenger. If the facts prove to be embarrassing for something I support then shame on me. If I’m wrong and I know it but I dont change my message then shame on me but if you want to keep the public misinformed and you would rather bring down the country to rise to power then shame on you!

    If the facts are so embarrassing that they would cost you elections then you dont deserve to be in office to begin with. If you knowingly lie and misinform Americans to keep you butt in a power then you should be prosecuted and hung in the public square, you are a traitor and deserve no mercy! The state of our country is dire, hope is dim, this is not a time for “game of thrones”, this is a time for politicians to stand up for the people. This is a time for people to denounce the idiocy of “corporations are people too”, no, corporations are made up of citizens and dont get an extra vote or extra voice just because they are part of a corporation, each citizen has only one voice. Governments job is to uphold the constitution and enforce the laws that protect each citizen and enriches each life.

    We have got to come out of this divisive tit for tat attitude or the political correctness of saying “both parties do it” when it’s not true, both parties dont operate on the same scale. Both parties dont have the same blood lust for power that the country be damned. Facts speak for themselves…

  21. I believe this is one of those sites which desearve quiet observation before making comment. Looks interesting, fairly good exchange. I shall now observe

  22. Sarah Palin has already exposed herself as not being very bright. Cunning, perhaps but would be way in over her head if she ran for president. She could not even answer Katie Couric when asked what books she reads. According to an ex-employee of hers when she was Gov. of Alaska ” one day she just out of the blue made the statement that she did’nt want to be Gov. of Alaska any longer and she quit. Is that the kind of person americans need to be our president. Even right wing corp fascist radio pundit Neal Boortz said she would be an embarrassment for the GOP. “She would get eaten alive.” Surely she would have been ample fodder for SNL and Tina Fey would’ve had a field day.

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