Bill Hemmer: Fox News Shoots Down the Middle

Fox News morning anchor Bill Hemmer was profiled was recently profiled by his hometown newspaper the Cincinnati Enquirer, in the interview he claimed that, “We (Fox News) size it up and shoot it down the middle,” if that is the case, then so do MSNBC and CNN.

GOP Hypocrisy: Dana Perino Accuses Obama of Editing Statements to the Press

Former Bush press secretary Dana Perino was in full spin mode yesterday in an interview with CBS’s Chip Reid. Perino accused President Obama of editing the statements of the Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair, while ignoring the fact that the Bush administration constantly edited statements and reports from scientists on the issue of climate change.

Is Dick Cheney Preparing A Defense Against Criminal Charges?

The former chief of staff to former Secretary of State Colin Powell, Ret. Army Col. Lawrence Wilkerson was on The Rachel Maddow Show where he described former vice president Dick Cheney as a man who frightens easily. Wilkerson also said that Cheney is trying to set up a legal defense for himself against torture charges.

Newt Gingrich Coins the False Term Green Coal

While testifying before the House Energy and Commerce Committee today, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich added a new to term the clean coal debate. At one point, he referred to the need for Congress to fund green coal, but there is no such thing as green coal. Coal can be cleaner, but it can’t be greener.

Palin Faces Her 12th Ethics Complaint

Sarah Palin blasted a new ethics complaint against her that alleges her recent trip to Indiana to speak at an anti-abortion fundraiser was to benefit her own personal interests at a time when members of the legislature are not allowed to leave. Palin has responded by calling the complaint baseless.

Sean Hannity Agrees to Be Waterboarded

On FNC’s Hannity last night host Sean Hannity agreed to allow himself to be waterboarded for charity. Just in case Sean has no idea what he agreed to, here is some video of Kaj Larsen being waterboarded, and a military expert’s description of waterboarding.

Rachel Maddow Talks about Her Ratings

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow has done a couple of interviews lately, where she discussed her post-election ratings slide. Maddow has dropped from 1.9 million viewers during the election to a current average of 1.1 million. The question is, with Democratic viewers now satisfied, can progressive talk continue to grow?

Former CNN Reporter Urges Susan Roesgen to Apologize

Susan Roesgen is still taking heat for her behavior at the Chicago Tea Party last week. At the Politics Online Conference, former CNN reporter and bureau chief Eileen O’Connor said that Roesgen needs to apologize because she crossed the line by being rude to the people that she was interviewing.

Hillary Clinton Blasts Dick Cheney’s Torture Memo Claims

The biggest news to come from Sec. of State Hillary Clinton’s testimony before the House Foreign Affairs Committee today came when she was asked about former vice president Dick Cheney’s call for the release of memos that prove torture works. Clinton said, “I don’t consider him a particularly reliable source.”

Restoring Democracy; The Progressive Agenda

There is a fine line between the strength of the left’s questioning of their officials (a good thing) and destabilizing reactionary anger (a bad thing). A recent example of this is the left railing at President Obama to prosecute the Bush administration and others for torture. Urging Obama to prosecute is tantamount to asking him to Bushify the Executive Office.

Leahy Invites Cheney to Testify Before Congress on Torture

Sen. Patrick Leahy was on MSNBC’s The Ed Show tonight, where he extended an invitation to former vice president Dick Cheney to testify before his Senate Judicial Committee. Leahy said that if Cheney is so concerned about torture, then he should come before Congress and answer a few questions.

Joe Lieberman Stabs Obama in the Back

Here are the thanks President Obama got from Joe Lieberman for saving his committee chairmanship. Lieberman has blasted Obama for releasing the torture memos, saying that their release helped our enemies, and he repeated his position that waterboarding isn’t really torture.