ABC Tries to Con America Into Believing that Sarah Palin Will Run for President

ABC Tries to Con America Into Believing that Sarah Palin Will Run for President

The mainstream media refuses to give it up. ABC News is trying to fool people into believing that Sarah Palin will be a presidential candidate. Check out this graphic and see it for yourself.

Before RNC Chairman Reince Priebus was interviewed on This Week, ABC aired a pre-recorded video package with the announcer saying at the end, “There’s no shortage of prospective Republican candidates, and that makes it even more challenging for the party to resolve its ideological divide.”

So let’s take a look at who ABC News thinks is a potential Republican presidential candidate:


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Ted Cruz? Check.

Donald Trump? Seriously, ABC? Donald Trump?

Marco Rubio? Check.

Chris Christie? Check.

Rick Santorum? Check.

Rand Paul? Thanks to Jesse Benton, we already know that he is running.

Scott Walker? Check.

Nikki Haley? (ABC has to pretend that a woman might run on the Republican side, but we all know it is going be a Viagra festival.)

Paul Ryan? Looking more doubtful by the day, but check.

Wait a second. Who is that in the lower right hand corner?

Yep. ABC News listed Sarah Palin as a potential 2016 presidential candidate.

I guess it all depends on how one defines potential candidate, but I suspect that the odds are higher that Donald Trump will run for president before Sarah Palin ever does.

The lamestream media has got to stop helping Sarah Palin run her con game.

When her SarahPAC starts running low on cash, like clockwork Palin begins rumbling that she might run for some office. Few in the mainstream press seem to notice that Palin spends virtually none of the money that her PAC raises on promoting and donating to candidates. The vast majority of SarahPAC’s expenditures go towards funding Sarah Palin’s lifestyle.

Responsible media outlets need to stop furthering the illusion that Sarah Palin will ever run for anything again. Promoting Palin is just as irresponsible as promoting Donald Trump’s annual Apprentice promotional tour disguised as a presidential campaign. It is necessary to to discuss what Trump and Palin because they speak to the narrow minded bigots in the Republican Party, but the media can do so without feeding into their agenda of greed and personal financial gain.

Sarah Palin is a potential presidential candidate in the same way that the ghost of Ronald Reagan and Curt Schilling bloody sock are presidential candidates. In other words, she isn’t a potential presidential candidate. Alaska doesn’t want her. The nation doesn’t want her, and the media needs to stop bitterly clinging to the idea that washed up has been Sarah Palin has any kind of future in politics.

No matter how much the media keeps pushing the myth of a Palin comeback, it is never going to happen.

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