Sarah Palin Is The Top Republican Choice For Senate, But Alaskans Still Hate Her


Sarah Palin put out the buzz that she might consider running for the Alaska Senate seat, so the polling companies jumped aboard because how are they to know that Sarah Palin would never run for office again, especially not in Alaska.

And what did Public Polling Policy find? Alaskans still hate Sarah Palin! However, the far right still loves her, and 36% of GOP primary voters would pick her for their standard bearer, once again proving that they might actually love this country, because if they did that, the Democrat would win by a wide margin.

Running against Palin, Democratic incumbent Mark Begich leads 52/40. With independents, he leads by 21 points at 56/35, and Begich even takes 20% of the Republican vote in a match up against Palin.

Palin only has a 39/58 favorability rating in Alaska, and that falls to 33/64 with independent voters.

What are the problems? Well, only 47% of voters consider Palin to still be an Alaskan, and she did quit on them. But there’s also an aversion to a certain kind of tea stink, because Alaskans are also not keen on brownshirt, journalist-arresting 2010 candidate Joe Miller. Miller has a 26/53 favorability rating. Yes, you read that correctly.

Twenty-six percent of GOP primary voters say they want Lieutenant Governor Mead Treadwell, 15% want Dan Sullivan, and only 12% want Joe Miller. Treadwell is still polling slightly behind Senator Begich, but the gap is narrowing at 44/40.

A February Public Policy Polling poll showed definitively that Alaskans are done with their former Governor. They had a lower opinion of her than they do of Congress, and their approval of Congress was only 8%.

Sarah Palin has always been good news for Democrats, and she remains good news for Democrats. If only Sarah Palin would run against the Democrat, Alaskans would have a great shot at keeping Begich around. Sadly, Palin only plays coy with the media in order to try to stay relevant and get some cash flowing into her PAC. Not only do Alaskans hate her, but Palin is a coward.

Palin is too afraid to run for office again, because even though she blames her former running mate for losing the election, deep down inside she knows the truth. When you can’t name a paper you read and you don’t know what the Vice President does even though you are running for that office, and the only thing you have going for yourself is the same thing you’ve had going your entire political career (throwing culture bombs at your opponent and playing the mom card when things get ugly in return), it’s best to stay on the sidelines where the real cash is, and play Bitter Vicious on Fox News.

The really interesting thing about this poll is that it shows just how fringey the base of the Republican Party is — the candidates they love are despised by voters. The far fight loves Palin, but she can’t get elected. If she really loved this country, she’d run for that Senate seat.

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