Wendy Davis is Ten Times Tougher As Ted Cruz Takes a Break One Hour Into His Filibuster

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Tuesday, September 24th, 2013, 4:54 pm

Wendy Davis is at least ten times tougher than Ted Cruz, as the Texas US Senator could only speak for an hour before he needed Sen. Mike Lee to give him a break.

Ted Cruz came on to the Senate floor and promised to speak until he could no longer stand. Apparently, Cruz has very weak legs. About one hour into his don’t call it a filibuster, filibuster, Cruz had to take a break as Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) stepped in to give Cruz a rest.
This means that Cruz lasted 1/10th of the amount of time that Wendy Davis did in her historic filibuster.

Video of Davis during hour 7 of her filibuster:

Cruz has been on the Senate floor for a little more than two hours, but he is already reading statistics on unemployment. Cruz ran out of talking points after about 20 minutes, and has now been reduced to quoting John Edwards’ two Americas.

Republicans love to talk tough, but Ted Cruz is showing how soft and weak he truly is.

Wendy Davis pulled off a successful filibuster through guts and determination. On the other hand, Ted Cruz can’t last an hour without help from his allies in the Axis of Anti-Obamacare Stupid. Davis rose to national recognition with her filibuster. Ted Cruz is slowly sinking like the Titanic with his. The difference between the two is night and day, and I’ll take the tough courage of Wendy Davis who stood alone to fight for what is right, over the Jell-o kneed and spineless ambition of Ted Cruz.

If you want to see a real person of principle, watch Wendy Davis during her filibuster. What is happening currently on the Senate floor is a soft man with no plan is trying launch his 2016 presidential campaign.

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