Bill Clinton and the Democrats Are Fighting Back Against GOP Election Stealing Efforts

Bill Clinton and the Democrats Are Fighting Back Against GOP Election Stealing Efforts



Bill Clinton is leading an effort by the Democratic Party to not only stop Republicans from stealing elections through voter suppression, but to also expand voting access.


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After going through the various voter suppression tactics and efforts that Republicans are using in many states, former President Clinton said,

They’re all designed to make it harder for people, especially working people, people of color, the elderly, those with disabilities, and young college students to get to the polls. To form that more perfect union, we have to expand rights, not take them away. We have to empower people, not disempower them. Breaking down barriers and expanding opportunities has always been the hallmark of our nation, and the bedrock of the Democratic Party.

It’s not enough anymore just to be against these new voting restrictions. We need to get back on the road forward, and work for more and easier voting. We need to improve the voting experience, registering new voters, demystifying the process., expanding access to the ballot box, and making the process simpler and shorter.

Clinton went on to announce that he is spearheading a new Democratic Party project that is designed to protect and expand voting rights through legislation, education, and grassroots advocacy.

This kind of project is why Democrats have had so much success stopping Republican efforts to suppress the vote. Voter suppression is nothing more than an attempt to steal elections by manipulating the composition of the electorate.

With his wife potentially poised to be the Democratic nominee, it isn’t a surprise that Bill Clinton would be involved in this effort, but this is about something bigger than one presidential election. This is about the fundamental right to vote. Republicans want every electorate in every state to look like the one that went to the polls in 2010.

They want turnout to be small, mostly white, older, and heavily leaning Republican. The GOP knows that they can’t win elections if the full electorate comes out to vote, so they are erecting barriers to voting that predominately impact Democratic voters.

Democrats aren’t taking it. They are pushing back, and they have the perfect person leading the charge in former President Clinton.




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