Neutered Republicans Destroy Their Chances With Women With One Vile Poster

Neutered Republicans Destroy Their Chances With Women With One Vile Poster



The genius trolls at Breitbart know how to win the war on women. See below, via Ana Maria Cox’s tweet.

I gotta say, the image in full is even more disgusting than you can see on Twitter. In the full image, a scantily clad Representative Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is being dominated by a muscle bound man (Governor Jerry Brown, I’m told — didn’t recognize him in Arnold’s body) as she submits in with her tongue hanging out to catch his hostile offerings.

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This image is the closest thing to a cry for help I can imagine. It’s screaming a Freudian fear of women, and subsequent need to dominate and humiliate them lest they demonstrate the power between their “teeth” by castrating the male. Yes. It’s a castration anxiety (fear of emasculation) image, by the perpetually fearful. No big surprise here.

Because what it actually means is that they find women so powerful, they’re terrified of them. It leads the anxious to avoid being dominated or made insignificant by the feared female. Castration anxiety usually strikes in a child’s “phallic phase”, between the ages of 3-5. The fact that the folks at Breitbart are still trapped at this stage should not surprise anyone.

This is what happens when people can’t defend their party’s policies with words based on ideas. This is a good clue that you’re dealing with juvenile, single cell organisms so driven by their own fear that they can’t think.

Women and men with breasts and women with tongues (symbolic of — fill in the blank)… It’s all too much for a conservative.

But in truth, it’s poor Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) who is dominated by the Tea Party, whereas former Speaker Nancy Pelosi is a leader in every way. She continues to rescue Boehner from his own crazies for the sake of the country. Yes, she’s a powerful woman, and no, turning her into a dominated sex slave in their fevered imagination doesn’t make it so. It only reveals something about the mentality at Breitbart, but then, we already knew this.

After their failed attempt to mansplain away women’s desire for equal pay, this is how conservatives plan to convince females that there is no GOP policy war on women. Apparently the folks at Breitbart think this is helping the Republican cause. LOL 4eva.

Image: I tried to pick the least offensive picture for the main image to share with this post. So sorry, but this is what conservatives deem appropriate for a political website.

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