CBS News Asks for Transcript of Their Bogus 60 Minutes Benghazi Report Deleted

CBS News Asks for Transcript of Their Bogus 60 Minutes Benghazi Report Deleted


While Republicans are trumping up their Benghazi hysteria, CBS News had the transcript of Lara Logan’s untrue 60 Minutes Benghazi report deleted from the Lexis Nexis database.

According to Think Progress, “CBS deleted the story and transcript from its website and searching the Lexis Nexis database will yield no results for a transcript of the report — that’s because, according Lexis Nexis, both the introduction to the story and the report itself have been “deleted at the request of CBS News due to legal or copyright reasons.”

We also know now, thanks to a lengthy piece in New York Magazine which Republican was behind Logan’s 60 Minutes story:

Benghazi had been thoroughly politicized from the beginning. But rather than steering clear of the political battle, Logan headed right toward it, consulting with Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, a strong critic of the administration’s handling of the incident whom she’d met once in Afghanistan. “I really didn’t know her until she started doing this piece on Benghazi,” he told me.

The two met two or three times to talk about the Libya attack, with Graham telling Logan that from his point of view, it was “a fair thing to say” that there was a “build-up of Al Qaeda types” in the area—a major talking point for the right in arguments that the Obama White House tried covering up alleged terrorist links.

Graham declared Logan’s report the “death blow” to the Obama administration’s narrative about Benghazi.

The 60 Minutes piece along with Jon Karl’s Benghazi emails for ABC News were both examples of Republicans trying to turn a false story into a legitimate news piece through media manipulation.

If Benghazi is such a big earth shaking story, why did CBS News have transcript deleted? The truth is that there is nothing to see here. Benghazi is another manifestation of the desperate Republican attempts to destroy President Obama.

The only thing more bogus than the Benghazi conspiracy theory is the attempt by Republicans to sneak their propaganda on to legitimate news outlets.


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