#AmericanSpringexcuses Overtakes Twitter As Operation American Spring Is An Epic Fail

#AmericanSpringexcuses Overtakes Twitter As Operation American Spring Is An Epic Fail



This weekend, 10 to 30 million patriotic Americans were supposed to descend on Washington, D.C. and take back America from the Marxist regime of President Obama. The plan was to have millions ‘peacefully’ demonstrate for three days. After the demonstration was over, one million people would then stay in Washington and force the non-Tea Party elected officials in D.C, starting with the President, to resign from office. At that point, tribunals led by the likes of Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Allen West, Jim DeMint and Mike Lee would convene and conduct investigations, while the new Congress, consisting of only like-minded individuals, would appoint a new President and replacements of those who were removed from office.

Hrafnkell Haraldsson already covered the unmitigated disaster that was the Operation American Spring weekend protest. At best, a few hundred individuals appeared this weekend for the rally. Of the few that did show up, many were true zealots and lunatics hoping to get noticed. Hrafnkell did a great job providing the names of some of the crazies that made appearances and what they hoped to accomplish this weekend.

Ford Fischer, of News2Share, was in Washington this weekend and provided raw footage of the so-called ‘massive protest.’ As you can see in the 20+ minute video, the rally was an extremely small, disorganized affair. Of course, the people that showed up fit within certain demographics that you’d associate with this type of rally.



On Twitter, the hashtag #AmericanSpringexcuses took off. People have tried to outdo each other over the past two days in coming up with the funniest excuses used by Tea Partiers for not attending the rally this weekend. Below is a collection of some of the best ones I found:



There were hundreds more just like these, almost all nearly as funny and witty. The epic fail that was Operation American Spring gave liberals and progressives ample opportunity to rub the Tea Party’s nose in it.

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