Kansas Could Turn Blue as Democrat Paul Davis Leads Governor’s Race by 8

Kansas Could Turn Blue as Democrat Paul Davis Leads Governor’s Race by 8


What’s the matter with Kansas? Gov. Sam Brownback (R) has triggered a backlash among voters in the state that has him trailing Democratic candidate Paul Davis 48%-40%.

A SurveyUSA poll of the state found that Gov. Brownback’s reelection bid is in deep trouble. Democrat Paul Davis has actually gained a point since the last poll of the state in June. Brownback could be headed for defeat because he carried out a purge against moderate Republicans in state legislature one he took office. The governor triggered a Republican civil war, and many members of his own party are supporting the Democrat.

Davis was mass endorsed earlier this month by 100 high profile Republicans in the state. His share of the Republican vote has increased from 24%-29%. The big sell point for Davis is that he is campaigning on being bipartisan and working across the aisle.

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There is one particular statistic that doesn’t bode well for Brownback, “In a breakdown, the poll reveals the older you are, the less you like Governor Sam Brownback. He trails by 20 points among seniors and trails by 13 points among those age 50 to 64.”

The trend of a voter backlash against the tea party class of 2010 is something that the mainstream media hasn’t caught on to yet, but it is visible in governor’s races around the country. Rick Scott, Tom Corbett, John Kasich, Sam Brownback, Scott Walker, and Rick Snyder are all facing tough political fights for reelection. Voters feel the direct impact of a governor’s decision. Many of these states are poised to reject the tea party extremism of 2010, and replace with Democrats in the fall.

The bluing of the governors’ map is under way.

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