Obama Comes Into Scott Walker’s Backyard and Drills Republicans For Opposing Everything

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Monday, September, 1st, 2014, 3:38 pm


President Obama went into Scott Walker’s backyard in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and called out Republicans for their failed top-down economic policies, and ripped congressional Republicans for saying no to everything.


At Laborfest in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, President Obama said,

Most of the policies I’m talking about have two things in common. They’re going to help more families get ahead, and the Republicans who run our Congress oppose almost all of them…They oppose almost everything. I’m not making that up. I’m just telling the truth. It’s just the facts. In fact, they oppose stuff they used to be for. No, it’s true. I mean, they used to be for building roads, and bridges, and stuff. Now suddenly, no we can’t build roads and bridges. Well, why not? Because you proposed it.

I am just telling the truth. The sky is blue today. Milwaukee brats are delicious. The Brewers are tied for first place, and Republicans in Congress love to say no. Those are just facts. The facts of life. They say no to everything. If we had a Congress that cared about policies that actually helped working people, I promise you we could everything done that we talked about doing. But until we have that Congress, it’s up to us to fight for those policies.

Many of the policies that President Obama talked about in Wisconsin are things that Republican Gov. Scott Walker has opposed. The president wasn’t getting involved in the governor’s race, but the similarities between what Republicans in Congress believe and what Walker has done in Wisconsin are unavoidable. Scott Walker implemented the top down Koch philosophy. He tried to bust the public sector unions, and he promised that jobs would come if taxes were cut for the wealthy and corporations.

Walker’s term as governor has been an economic disaster for Wisconsin. Instead of creating the 250,000 new jobs that he promised, Walker’s tax cuts have led to negative job growth. The battle ideological battle in Wisconsin mirrors what is going on in our divided federal government.

Republicans are saying no to things that work. They continue to oppose anything that could grow the economy and create jobs. The fairy tale that tax cuts for the rich will bring economic prosperity for all has been disproven again.

Republicans have spent the last six years saying no to President Obama and policies that will grow the economy. This November will be the voters’ chance to say no to them.

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