Grimes Campaign Expresses Confidence After New Poll Shows McConnell Up In Kentucky

Grimes Campaign Expresses Confidence After New Poll Shows McConnell Up In Kentucky


The final Bluegrass Poll of the 2014 election showed Mitch McConnell leading Alison Lundergan Grimes 48%-43%, but the Grimes campaign expressed confidence that they will prevail on Election Day.

According to The Courier-Journal,

The poll found that 48 percent of likely voters plan to vote for McConnell while just 43 percent plan to back Grimes. Three percent said they are voting for Libertarian David Patterson and 6 percent said they haven’t made up their minds.

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The biggest problem for Grimes appears to be the negative ads that outside groups have used against her.

The poll found that only 37 percent of registered voters have a favorable opinion of her, while 43 percent have an unfavorable opinion of her. That almost mirrors McConnell’s 37-44 favorability gap.

Mitch McConnell’s only path to victory has always been to drag Alison Lundergan Grimes down into the mud with him. If the Bluegrass Poll is correct, McConnell and his outside money men are having success with their efforts. The Grimes campaign has aided McConnell to a degree with some very negative campaigning of their own.

Grimes campaign manager Jonathan Hurst released a statement about the poll,

Against all odds, this race has been a dead heat for nearly a year and a half and it will be a toss-up until the end. Mitch McConnell’s recent attempt to buy the election by dipping into his own pockets for $1.8 million more in attack ads won’t fool Kentuckians. They will go to the polls knowing that Alison is the only candidate who is willing to put partisanship aside and put the people of Kentucky first.

This race will ultimately be decided by enthusiasm down the stretch and whoever best turns out their voters, and while Mitch McConnell and his billionaire friends have invested over $50 million attacking Alison, we have built the largest, most aggressive ground game in Kentucky history. On November 4th, we’re confident voters will choose to elect an independent problem solver like Alison—and make Washington start working for Kentuckians again.

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