The Political Quotes of the Week

content/uploads/s_usflag3_22.jpg" title="Image">Image A collection of political quotes that you might have missed over the past week. This was a popular feature in my old column, so I decided to bring it back.

“They will do anything — anything — to get nominated.”

— An associate of the Clintons who was quoted by Bob Novak in his Washington Post column 3/24

“She thought it was a powerful speech – but she is biased, she’s my grandmother.”

— Barack Obama quoted in Sunday’s Philadelphia Inquirer about reaction to his speech on race.

The time that he could have been effective has long since passed.”

— Top Clinton strategist Mark Penn, on Richardson’s endorsement of Obama

“That will be, frankly, a very big issue for the country, whether we withdraw and have al Qaeda win and announce to the world they have won and have things collapse there, or whether we see this strategy through to success.”

— GOP nominee John McCain in London talking about election issue of the Iraq war.

“The idea that we can walk away from Iraq is, I think, terribly damaging on its face, and to say that, ‘well that’s the only way we can get the Iraqis to take on responsibility,’ I don’t believe that’s the case.”

— Dick Cheney disputing the idea that the Iraqis need to take responsibility for their government in an interview with ABC News.

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