Obama Moves Closer to Fully Denouncing Rev. Wright

ImageToday, Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama used his strongest language yet to denounce his former pastor Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

During a news conference Obama was asked about Wright’s speech yesterday at the National Press Club.”I am outraged by the comments that were made and saddened by the spectacle that we saw yesterday,” Obama said. He said that after watching the tape, “The person I saw yesterday was not the person that I met 20 years ago… What became clear to me was that he was presenting a world view that contradicts what I am and what I stand for.”

Obama then moved even closer to flat out denouncing Wright, “I gave him the benefit of the doubt in my speech in Philadelphia explaining that he’s done enormous good. … But when he states and then amplifies such ridiculous propositions as the U.S. government somehow being involved in AIDS. … There are no excuses. They offended me. They rightly offend all Americans and they should be denounced.”

For Obama, this isn’t about his opponents doing damage to him because of his relationship with Wright. It can be argued that neither Clinton nor McCain have been able to do as much damage to Obama as Wright has over the past few days. It is starting to look like either Barack didn’t pay much attention in church, or he never anticipated that his former pastor would someday want to be a celebrity.

It isn’t even Wright’s extreme views on the U.S. government that cause as many problems for Obama as the fact that Wright seems determined to paint Obama as just another politician. I thought Obama was more understanding than he had to be towards Wright in his Philadelphia speech, and Wright has repaid this kindness by trying to cut Obama off at the knees.

Judging by today’s comments it looks like Obama is moving closer to a full denouncement of Wright. The only way to end Wright’s 15 minutes of fame is for Obama to completely break his association with him in the most direct terms imaginable.

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  1. Folks lets ask these questions”Why are we listening to Jeremiah Wright? Did he give to the news media the old tapes to exploit? Where did they obtain the tapes? Why weren’t we given the opportunity to hear the entire contents of the tapes? Why did they defame the man by calling him all kinds of names. Why did they put his life and the life of his family in danger? He wasn’t running for president he was a private citizen with facts and opinions. We all have freedom of speech and a right to exercise it. If he put our country in danger then he should be dealt with. If all of this had been done to me then I would be hurting and hurting people reacts.

  2. We are listening to Jeremiah Wright because this is a massive media stratergy, to destroy the electability of Barack Obama.These are my opinions. I have been watching this election very closely and the news media had no intentions of letting this Jeremiah Wright story die.As we got closer to the May elections it was as if Obama didn’t exist. Anything that was said or written was negative or in reference to Rev. Wright. It was as if they hand picked the panels of Journalist to coincide with there plan. The Jeremiah Wright ploy was not incidental. It appears to be very cowardly and dirty. Where is Hillary’s pastor? People with out computers are denied access to the truth.We do have a brain, it don’t take a Rocket Science. This is not about Jeremiah Wright. This is about personal preferences,they are trying to shift the blame to Rev. Wright for creating this monster and adding to racial unrest. The want to win back the black votes,it is too late. A vote for Hillary, is an insult to Obama.He has a plan,dignity and integrity.

  3. We are listening to Rev. Wright because the media wants to 1.) get higher ratings 2.) destroy Sen. Obama’s campaign.

    This is not an issue of relevance to our faltering economy, lack of proper healthcare,soaring gas prices,the unprecedented foreclosure rate in our nation or the WAR, where we have dropped bombs and bread, killing innocents as well as soliders.

    It is a plan to destoy the candidate of change and unity and HOPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We are not reviewing the Metodist stand against Gays and Hilllary is a Methodist.

    We are not reviewing the Pastors who say Katrina was a direct act against Homosexuality or that the Catholic Church is a cult, these Ministers and Pastors have endorsed McCain!

  4. Do you really believe the media is out to destroy Obama? Seriously? You do realize that you sound like the Clinton people during the Bosnia story. The media loves Obama. He is great for ratings, which is all the media cares about. They don’t care which candidate wins, they want the sideshow to continue.

    The reason why Wright got coverage is because polls show that his comments to matter to people. The media didn’t go out looking for Wright. He came to them. As long as Rev. Wright still matters to people, the media will cover him. It isn’t their job to love and adore a candidate. They are only giving viewers what they want.

    Obama did the right thing by trying to shatter the association with Wright, because once that link is gone, the media has no more reason to cover him. I can’t believe you guys. Obama gets a little negative coverage, and you start crying like the Clintons.

    When he is President he is going never make everyone happy all the time, so there will be negative coverage, by somebody somewhere everyday. Get used to it, I am sure he already is.

  5. Whoever you are, you don’t represent Barack Obama using that kind of words and/or terminology. If you are registered to vote I suggest that you consider another candidate.Barack Obama is a refined man and a christian, and would not stoop to those tactics, or approve of that type language.

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