Republicans Unveil the World’s First Postmodern Budget

You really have to wonder what is going on over at Republican headquarters as today, the GOP released their alternative to President Obama’s budget, which contained lots of charts and graphs, but no actual numbers or budget, so the Republicans managed to put out the world’s first postmodern budget. It is a budget that transcends the need for numbers.

Here is the video of House Republican leaders unveiling their plan:

The budget document contains such brilliant observations as, The President calls for “A New Era of Responsibility,” as the title of his budget states. But a closer look at the Democrat budget reveals something far different—it spends too much, taxes too much, and borrows too much, and Instead of returning to double digit levels of inflation and the failed economic policies of the 1970s, Republicans support maintaining the cost of living after witnessing the booms and busts triggered by loose monetary policy.”

Of course no GOP document would be complete without talking about tax cuts,” Instead of raising taxes on all Americans in the midst of a recession, Republicans seek to reduce the tax burden on working families and small businesses in order to create jobs and unlock private capital.”

I would love to know who the genius was that thought putting out a budget without numbers was a great idea. This document isn’t a budget. It is a statement of the same Republican principles that were in place during the Bush administration. Instead of defending their charts and graphs, Republicans should be embarrassed to put their names on this thing. If they wanted to release a budget, then it might have been a better idea to wait until the numbers were ready.

As Obama Press Secretary Robert Gibbs put it, “I think the ‘Party of No’ has become the party of no new ideas. We just hope that next time it will contain actual numbers so somebody can evaluate what it means.”I don’t know if House Republicans were going for some sort of post-modern budget here, but all that they have managed to do is turn themselves into a bigger joke.

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