Joe Lieberman Stabs Obama in the Back

Here are the thanks President Obama got from Joe Lieberman for saving his committee chairmanship. Lieberman has blasted Obama for releasing the torture memos, saying that their release helped our enemies, and he repeated his position that waterboarding isn’t really torture.

Here is the video:

Lieberman said, “I thought release of the memos was a bad idea. It wasn’t necessary. It just helps our enemies. It doesn’t really help us.” Of course, Lieberman believes that waterboarding is only psychological torture, “Well, I take a minority position on this. Most people think it’s definitely torture. The truth is, it has mostly a psychological impact on people. It’s a terrible thing to do.”

Democrats, including Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, were ready to strip Lieberman of his chairmanship of the Homeland Security Committee, after Lieberman supported John McCain and spoke at the 2008 Republican convention, but, then President Elect, Obama intervened and urged Reid to let bygones be bygones, and let Lieberman keep his chairmanship.

Lieberman is another torture supporter who managed to avoid military service. He was granted an educational deferment from 1960-1967, and then he was granted another deferment because he got married and had a child. It is amazing to me that these people who have never defended their country are so willing to torture.

If the Democrats get over the magic number of 60 Senate votes after the 2010 election, there will be a strong movement to give Lieberman the boot. Lieberman is easily the left’s most hated non-Republican, and few tears would be shed if he was kicked out of the Democratic caucus.

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  1. It’s very simple, really. For Joe Lieberman–and frankly, for every uninformed, hawkish jackass out there–if you don’t believe it’s torture, volunteer to be waterboarded three times a day for one week.

    Once you’ve gone through it, then come back and talk about how it’s not torture.

    Otherwise, shut your mouth and just nod when others say it is torture.

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