Steele Approves of the GOP’s Barack the Magic Negro Racism

While serving as guest host of Bill Bennett’s radio show, RNC Chairman Michael Steele agreed with a caller’s description of President Obama as Barack the Magic Negro. This is in contrast to his condemnation of this attack when he was running for RNC chair.

Here is the audio courtesy of Think Progress:

Steele’s laughter at a racial slur used against Obama makes me wonder if Steele realizes that he is black too. Here is Steele’s reaction to the holiday greeting card sent out to RNC members by then fellow candidate Chip Saltsman that contained CD of the song “Barack the Magic Negro”:

Steele said then, “Oh it doesn’t help at all. Absolutely, it reinforces a negative stereotype of the party…And so now we have a opportunity to step in the breach and clear that up and make sure that people appreciate and know that look, this is not representative of the party as a whole, this is not a direction that we want to go in or a system that we believe.”

During Bill Bennett’s show Steele had a chance to stick to his original position, and move his party away from racism, but it appears that Steele is caving to the majority, and changing his positions to fit in. The GOP is not going to grow by using racist language, whether it is towards President Obama or Mexicans. Many RNC members want Steele removed because he is too moderate. Well, if this is an example of a moderate, I don’t want to see what passes for a mainstream Republican today.

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