Trump Calls Joe Biden Dumb Before He Makes Plea For National Unity

Hours before his expected call for 'unity' during his State of the Union address, Trump dismissed former Vice President Joe Biden as “dumb,” called Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer a “nasty son of a bitch” and mocked the disgraced Governor Ralph Northam for “choking like a dog,”

Fox News Betrayed by Their Own Obama Supporting Poll

Fox and Friends were flabbergasted that Americans trust President Obama more on foreign policy, education, terrorism, and unity.

Rachel Maddow Examines Obama’s Quest for Political Unity

On MSNBC's Rachel Maddow Show, host Rachel Maddow traced President Barack Obama's efforts towards political unity. She examined all of Obama's failed bi-partisan efforts, and concluded that Obama is going to have change his strategy because he is going to get zero Republican support.

Obama School Speech Dispels Irrational Right Wing Paranoia

The right wing furor over President Obama's back to school speech was revealed to be even more insane than initially thought after the text of the speech was released today. The speech emphasizes students' personal responsibility for their own education. This is a principle that even the most conservative Americans should support.

Kerry: Dick Cheney Doesn’t Respect the Constitution

Senators John Kerry (D-MA) and Orrin Hatch (R-UT) were on ABC's This Week today where Kerry unloaded on former vice president Dick Cheney after Cheney blasted the decision to investigate CIA interrogation abuses. Kerry said, "Dick Cheney has shown through the years, frankly, a disrespect for the Constitution, for sharing of information with Congress..."

Former Presidents Carter, Bush, and Clinton React to the Death of Ted Kennedy

Reaction is still coming in from all over the political world to the news that Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-MA) lost his battle with brain cancer and passed away last night. Former Presidents Bill Clinton, George H.W. Bush, and Jimmy Carter have all released statements remembering Kennedy.

Coleman Congratulates Franken on Senate Win

After the Minnesota Supreme Court ruled that Al Franken should be certified the winner of the 2008 US Senate race in Minnesota, Republican Norm Coleman released a statement conceding the race, and congratulating Franken. Coleman said, "The Supreme Court of Minnesota has spoken and I respect its decision and will abide by the result."

Obama Quotes MLK to Voice Support for the Iranian People

Today President Barack Obama released a statement about the Iranian government's violent actions against its own people. Interestingly, Obama used a quote from Martin Luther King to voice his support for the Iranian people. The quote, "The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice."

GOP Rep. Rohrabacher: Obama is a Cream Puff for not interfering in Iran

In an interview with Radio America's Dateline Washington Rep. Dana Rohrabacher claimed that the Iranian people are protesting because they want a democracy and that President Obama is a cream puff for not interfering in Iran. Rohrabacher believes that the US is missing an opportunity in Iran that they need to be exploiting.

Hannity: Obama Refuses to Support Iranian Democracy

On The Sean Hannity Show today host Sean Hannity claimed that Obama has remained silent after the Iranian election, and thousands of people are growing outraged with Obama. Hannity said that Obama doesn't want to make Adolf Jr. mad. The problem is that President Obama was on television this morning talking about....the Iranian election.

GOP Racism: African Americans Think Differently from Everyone Else

In a startling bit of racism, Manuel Miranda, a former aide to Republican Sen. Bill Frist told conservative bloggers that, "We aren't like African Americans. We think like everyone else." This begs the question, for Mr. Miranda how do African Americans think differently from everyone else? I'd love an explanation.

Democrats Promise to Deliver a Healthcare Bill before the End of summer

Powerful Senate Democrats Max Baucus and Ted Kennedy released a joint statement today saying that they will have a healthcare reform bill ready before the Senate takes its August recess. The fact that Baucus, who opposes single payer, released a statement with Kennedy is a clear sign that single payer is in trouble.

Obama Triumphs At Notre Dame

President Barack Obama was warmly welcomed at Notre Dame's commencement today. Obama used his speech to not only called for a reduction in abortions performed, and for two sides of a debate that will probably never agree on the issue, but they can have an open hearted and minded debate.

Michael Savage Threatens to Sue the UK for Banning Him

Conservative right wing talker Michael Savage threatened today to sue U.K. Home Office Sec. Jacqui Smith for banning him from the United Kingdom. Savage was banned for stirring up hatred that could lead to inter-community violence. Savage apparently has failed to see the irony in the fact that he regularly calls for Muslims to be banned from the U.S.

Steele Approves of the GOP’s Barack the Magic Negro Racism

While serving as guest host of Bill Bennett's radio show, RNC Chairman Michael Steele agreed with a caller's description of President Obama as Barack the Magic Negro. This is in contrast to his condemnation of this attack when he was running for RNC chair.

Comparing George W. Bush and Barack Obama’s First 100 Days

President Barack Obama will mark his first 100 days in office this week. To mark the anniversary, here is a comparison of how Barack Obama and George W. Bush spent their first 100 days in office. You may be surprised to learn that both presidents were/are still popular after their first 100 days.

The Top 5 Obama Conspiracy Theories

Just for kicks, I have put together a list of the top 5 Obama conspiracy theories. Many of these have been built upon since the election. Obama is now a fascist, who is a British citizen, who is also working on a long form forgery of his birth certificate.

Barack Obama and Ron Paul Named Internet Politicians of the Year

The Institute for Politics, Democracy, and the Internet is giving out its Golden Dot awards today and tomorrow at the Politics Online Conference. The awards recognize the best intersections between politics and technology. Barack Obama and Ron Paul were named the Democratic and Republican online politicians of the year.

GOP Tries to Muscle in on the Tea Party Movement

The organizers of the April 15 Chicago Tea Party claim that they rejected a request from RNC Chairman Michael Steele to speak at the event, but Steele claims that he never asked to speak. The real story here is that the GOP is trying to muscle in on the Tea Party Movement, but not all Tea Parties will be alike. Republicans will find themselves unwelcome at true grass roots events.

Right Wing Blames “Wealthy Homosexuals” for Vermont Same Sex Marriage Law

The state of Vermont has become the latest target for the wrath of social conservatives after the state legislature overrode a gubernatorial veto and legalized same sex marriage. Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council blamed the veto override on, "wealthy homosexual activists."