4 Replies to “Top 12 Political Blunders of 2008”

  1. I really like this list…very well put, in my opinion, and I liked how you threw in some democrats in there. The other ones I would’ve added are:

    (1) Rev Jesse Jackson wanting to cut off Obama’s nuts
    (2) McCain’s speech in Pennsylvania where he says “Obama and other critics are saying some really mean things about Western PA and I couldn’t agree with them more. I couldn’t agree with you…” and it goes horribly downhill from there.
    (3) The Democratic successor of (R) Foley, Mahoney, was caught in a sex scandal after running a campaign of morality.
    (4) The fact that this presidential cycle allowed people to be completely racist but marked them down as legitimate political views.

    Thanks for the post! A good read.

  2. The blunders of 2009 I think we all know…or we at least know 2 certain ones ;)
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