Trump Accuses Democratic Socialists of Attacks on Biden

President Donald Trump said in a speech to a Republican group that former Vice President Joe Biden is “being taken care of pretty well by the socialists.” He was implying that recent criticisms against Biden, a potential 2020 presidential candidate, is the product of attacks coming from the left wing (i.e. Bernie Sanders wing) of the Democratic Party. read more

Biden Debates Explosive Launch Naming Stacey Abrams as His Running Mate

New reporting this morning has revealed that former vice president Joe Biden may soon announce he is running for president, and at the same time might announce that Georgia Democrat Stacey Abrams will be his running mate if he wins the Democratic Party nomination next year. read more

Bannon: Trump Will Run Again in 2020 and ‘Win Bigger’ Than 2016

Steve Bannon on Face the Nation

Former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon said in an interview broadcast Sunday that he has “zero” doubt that President Trump will run for reelection in 2020. He also said that he thinks Trump will win. read more

Joe Biden’s Eulogy Of John McCain Contained A Stinging Indictment Of Trump

Former Vice President Joe Biden's eulogy of John McCain never mentioned Trump's name, but still contained a stinging indictment of Trump's character and the kinds of politics that he practices.

Joe Biden Returns To D.C. To Rain Hell On Trump For His Reckless North Korea Talk

"The only war that's worse than one that's intended is one that's unintended. This is not the stuff to be tweeting about."

Happy Birthday, Joe: New Poll Shows Democrats Want Biden To Take On Trump In 2020

Biden gets the support of 41 percent of likely Democratic voters in a crowded field that includes Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders.

Former DNC Head Considered Emergency Biden-Booker Ticket In 2016 After Clinton Fainted

The new revelation may seem like a bombshell, but the idea reportedly didn't gain traction anywhere other than Brazile's head.

John McCain Delivers Blistering Takedown Of Trump’s ‘Half-Baked’ And ‘Unpatriotic’ Worldview

McCain described Trump's worldview as"unpatriotic" and said it should be thrown into the "ash heap of history."

Former Vice President Joe Biden Crushes Trump In New 2020 Poll

A new poll shows former vice president Joe Biden would easily beat Trump in a 2020 presidential election matchup.

Joe Biden Lays Waste To Trump’s Golf Swing-Hillary Clinton GIF: ‘Our Children Are Watching’

"Enough. This has to stop," the former Vice President tweeted. "Our children are watching."

Trump Has A Big Joe Biden Problem As The Former VP Is Considers A 2020 White House Run

Joe Biden's daughter said in an interview that the former vice president is considering a 2020 run against Donald Trump.

Joe Biden Moves The Soul Of America With A Powerful Stand Against Trump’s Racial Terrorism

Former Vice President Joe Biden spoke to the soul of a nation when he called out Trump for enabling the dark forces of racism while terrorizing Latinos.

Clinton And Biden Give The Forceful Response America Needs As Violence Erupts In Charlottesville

"If this is not who we are as Americans, let's prove it," Hillary Clinton said.

White House Spirals Into A Civil War After Trump Signals He’ll Pull Out Of Climate Agreement

The fact that there is widespread disagreement and confusion in the White House surrounding the Paris climate accord could signal that Trump may back away from his promise to "cancel" the agreement.

Joe Biden Just Became Trump’s Biggest Threat As Former Obama VP Plans 2020 White House Bid

Joe Biden and his staff are planning and laying out a strategic map for the former vice president to run against Donald Trump in 2020.

Joe Biden Admits That He Would Have Run For President And Beaten Trump If His Son Had Not Died

Former Vice President Joe Biden revealed the heartbreaking reason why he didn't run for president in 2016, but also stated that he had planned on running, and thought that he would have beaten Trump if he would have been the Democratic nominee.

Memo To Trump: Here’s What It Looks Like For A President To ‘Win’ On Health Care

After a winless two months in the White House, perhaps Trump should give Barack Obama a call. He knows a thing or two about winning.

Vice President Biden Nails Down Exactly Why Trump Was Able To Beat Hillary Clinton

Biden Clinton loss

In an ideal world where politics is centered around issues that matter, Hillary Clinton – not Trump – would be getting sworn in next week.

Obama Surprises Joe Biden By Awarding Him The Presidential Medal Of Freedom

An openly crying Vice President Joe Biden went from tears to shock as President Obama awarded the final Medal of Freedom of his time in office to the Vice President.

Elizabeth Warren Building Toward 2020 Run With New Senate Armed Services Post

Elizabeth Warren 2020

If Warren is planning to launch a candidacy in four years, this is a smart move in bolstering her credentials.