Biden Rips Trump For Close To Criminal Firing Of USS Theodore Roosevelt Captain

Democratic presidential candidate, former Vice President Joe Biden, said that Trump’s firing of the captain of the USS Theodore Roosevelt was close to criminal.

Transcript via ABC’s This Week:

STEPHANOPOULOS: Let’s deal with the situation with Captain Brett Crozier from the USS Theodore Roosevelt. As you know, he was fired earlier this week. The president said yesterday he 100 percent supports that decision. Your response?

BIDEN: I think it’s — I think it’s close to criminal the way they’re dealing with this guy. Not his conduct. The idea that this man stood up and said what had to be said, got it out that his troops, his — his Navy personnel were in danger — in danger.

Look at how many have the virus. I think the guy should be — he should be — have a commendation whether than be fired.


Trump admitted that he fired Captain Crozier for writing a letter that made its way into the media instead of calling someone to address his concerns. The former captain’s concern was that his crew of young sailors was trapped on a coronavirus infected ship and the Trump administration was content to leave them there and let sailors get sick and die.

Biden was correct. Captain Crozier is a hero. He sacrificed his own career to get help for his crew. Donald Trump has no concept of that sort of sacrifice, but Joe Biden understands it, and want to reward it in our society, which is what a president is supposed to do.

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