Bernie Sanders Is Closing Fast, But Hillary Clinton Holds Double-Digit Lead In New Poll

A Fox news poll, released on August 16th, has both good news and bad news for Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton, and for her nearest challenger Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. The survey found that Hillary Clinton still held a solid lead in the Democratic race, but her margin has shrunk considerably during the course of 2015.

In the latest poll, Clinton held a 49 to 30 advantage over Sanders. While that is still a substantial lead, it is down from her 51-22 margin from late July, and her crushing 59-19 lead from one month ago. In the past month, Clinton’s lead has gone from 40 points to 19 points nationally.

The Fox poll also shows that Vice President Joe Biden has no momentum in the Democratic field. He is polling at just 10 percent, and his support has been fairly stagnant over the past several months. Aside from Clinton, Sanders and Biden, no other Democratic candidate has a substantial base of support to draw upon. Jim Webb, Martin O’Malley and Lincoln Chafee all polled at one percent support or less.

As the 2016 presidential race continues to take shape, the Fox News poll reconfirms two fundamental truths about the Democratic race to date. The first truth is that Hillary Clinton is still the clear leader in the Democratic field. The second truth is that Bernie Sanders is riding a wave of momentum and is rapidly closing the gap.

If current trends continue, the Democratic primary race is likely to become more competitive. While Hillary Clinton will probably remain the favorite to capture the Democratic nomination, the Sanders’ campaign appears able to put the Vermont Senator in a position where defeating Clinton is not out of the question.

While the 17 candidate Republican race has drawn most of the media attention, the Democratic race may also shape up to be a close contest. Hillary Clinton still leads the field, but Bernie Sanders is making a race out of it.

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  1. …my analogy o’ this is: a horse-race based on the Indy-500 x 1000… this run has a long,long trail a’windin’, more twists and turns than a good who-dun-it story and we got NO “F”ing IDEA HOW IT WILL END!!! But this is only a guess; I broke me crystal ball long ago…boy, did that HURT!!! Shrapnel out the wazoo…

  2. Maybe so(ground gaining) but the opposition would much rather face Sanders. What does that say? Just like backing Trump. It seems like a good idea for many, but the likelihood of a president Trump? doubtful

  3. The Sanders campaign is very seldom the headline of the day for one very simple reason.
    He hasn’t had some kind of controversy in his career worth the attention.
    His ideas are the same ones he started his career on,the same ideas that Clinton is beginning to embrace as her own.
    Sanders may not have a stellar career,so to speak,but his policies are what keep re-electing him.

  4. Number of clinton emails flagged as possibly classified: # 60. Some sources report 305. It bears repeating. Hillary is toast. Go Bern!

  5. A moonie paper? Sweet flying monster you people will go to anybody even if they are lying sack of shit to justify your hatred. Did you read the story about the Presidents birth certificate? I said I was not going to anyone a dumbass today but you sir is trying my patience

  6. The State Department says that the review of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s emails have found as many as 305 of the messages could contain classified information requiring further review by federal agencies.
    “I Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda …” today, is likely the result of saying “F### it” yesterday

  7. I have no loyalty other than to President Obama but you know since the 90’s you dingbats have been pushing al sort of bullshit and nothing has been proven true but we shall see it and when you are proven to be the bullshit hater that you are I will expect an apology

  8. …’pon me word…did any o’ the Reich-Wing rags mention that the e-mails were classified ex post facto by the CIA among others???

  9. And Visa Versa, When that number is proven correct, or that number ballons to well over 305, I expect an apology from you. I won’t hold my breath.

  10. You are so right. The repubs want Bernie to be the Dem nominee so they can bring out the big hits on “socialist”. Polls show that the majority of folks won’t vote for a socialist. I support Hillary (she would be a great first woman president), but will vote for Bernie if he gets the Dem nomination.

  11. Oh please Bill. Be a Bernie supporter all you want, but don’t say Hillary didn’t have those ideas she’s expressing. All you do is make me think you don’t know Hillary at all. I’ve been following Hillary since the Watergate Hearings. You don’t know her at all.

  12. Oh please Jak. Do you know that those emails were classified after Hillary turned them over and now while she had control of them? Wake up. You are playing right into the repub play book. I bet you don’t even know Bernie and Hillary are on the same side?

  13. I’m beginning to think that Bernie supporters who attack Hillary are repubs. They sure as hell aren’t Dems.

  14. Yeah like whitewater, Vince Foster, travelgate, cattle futures. the NY Times this year with their bullshit that they had to walk back, Benghazi and I am waiting for this one to drop and what if the Clinton emails implicate Clinton, Sanders, and Biden in the murder of Vince Foster, an entirely plausible scenario to idiots like you

  15. Perhaps Hillary didn’t want to the use the site because it was being hacked and spammed by Chinese dating and online drug sites.

  16. it ultimately doesn’t matter when they were classified. (At least 1 email was considered classified at the time it was sent per IG). The issue is they were on a PERSONAL server, set up by Hil at her home.. That’s a problem, hence the reason FBI is involved. Most people see it as a problem as support is dwindling and poll numbers are falling Just not the Politicus Peeps. You will fight for her until the end!

  17. Of those 325 e-mails flagged only 5% need to be reclassified. They were not classified when e-mailed. In hindsight, when you look at all the hacking being done, military, Pentagon, official U.S. departments in our government, maybe not having her server in the US Secretary of State’s office was a good move…just saying.

  18. by the time of the major primaries, hillary will have to bow out. these emails and the justice dept are going to bring her down. this how it looks today. that will leave bernie, and then biden will get into it. with trump bringing the gop down, it will be last man standing who will win. hillary has seen the signs too, but the clinton machine is too big to just quit.

    bernie’s going to kick ass, [if his voice holds out] and hes now getting help from some serious show runners…

  19. I think you are incorrect. Pukers would much rather run against HRC, and have been planning for it. Look at so many of their Foxbot talking points ….designed to cast doubt and aspersions towards HRC. They’ve had plenty of time to develop this attack machine.
    Now, HRC has also been preparing for this onslaught. She’s been getting better at countering , but needs to be even bolder and definitive with facts and policy prescriptions.

    With Bernie, sure, they’ll come out with the invective …but that’s all it is: name-calling. And you can bet he’s prepared for it. He’s had to confront these lies and innuendos his entire political life.

    I will be gratified with either a President Hillary Clinton or a President Sanders
    , but for now, my vote is for Bernie.

  20. The Fox News poll this weekend was a good result for Bernie.

    But if you’re wondering if I believe a FOX NEWS poll when it says that Jeb is beating Hillary? Uh, no. Not really.

  21. I saw that Fox poll last night and commented on it.

    It is completely false.

    She didn’t lose half her lead in 3 days!

    They do not breakout what party the people in the poll are in. They say registered voters.

    They only put out part of the poll and withheld the rest. It ended last I looked at Q 37 and it says the details on the poll were listed after Q42.

    There is no Question 42.

    There is no breakdown of what party, etc.

    No methods etc.

    I am just whistling and waiting for the crow sandwich delivery.

  22. I seem to recall reading something in the last couple of days that stated that Bush and his cronies used a private server and then deleted everything. I’ll see if I can find the link!!

  23. Bernie’s metric only honors the continued viability of rank and file citizens. No other presidential candidate can say that, as Hillary is indebted to her pro-Plutocracy donors, making her complicit with the model as well. He has been upfront about the destructive trends which mainstream Republicans defend, such as the privatization of everything from prisons to Social Security. More and more people are tired of being “led by the nose” down a “path” which only lowers their power and valuation. How else will disenfranchised members of the population have a fighting chance to be actualized participants, rather than victims of an unforgiving system. It’s either Bernie or a non-sustainable collective future, which includes accelerating wealth disparity and federal laws which favor the corporate class over the mainstream population.

  24. And how many of those were LABELED as “classified” AT THE TIME they were sent?

    ZERO – 0, zip, zilch, nix, nil, none, nada, naught, the null set, cipher … a big fat goose egg

  25. Sanders and Trump are doing good because they’re not living in a fantasy world like the rest of the candidates.

  26. If Sanders is not the Democratic nominee, every Independent who cares about the future of this country should have the common sense to choose Hillary Clinton over whatever tea-soaked, right wing nut the GOP nominates. Allowing the Republicans to win cannot be considered an option.

  27. Keith, let’s hope everyone sees it that way. On a few blogs I’ve read, if Bernie doesn’t win the primary, Dems or Inds are going to write him in.

    Talk about throwing away a vote. I hope sanity takes over with those people, and they vote for Hillary; I have many doubts.

  28. I agree. Hillary has my vote for the primary, and GE if she is the winner; I strongly suspect she will be, but today you never know.

  29. If the Dems do not win the presidency and Congress, or at least the presidency, all of President Obama’s accomplishments will be gutted that he endured fighting for.

  30. You people who are hell bent on proving Hillary had some kind of evil intent with this email BS..which just the GOP’s deflection from their flaws.

    They are doing to Hillary what they did to Acorn. Its BS..just like every other faux investigation they have whined about.

    Who exactly in the GOP’s clown car would you trust for President more than Hillary?? Scott Walker stifled his paper trail, why? Because he was so honest? I don’t give a sh*t what anyone says..Hillary has my vote. Independents who don’t vote for her, kiss your women’s rights away, social security, healthcare, and your future. Be smart, use your vote to keep the GOP from getting anymore control.

  31. Stop making sense because the revolution is coming. Hence the word revolution meaning to revolve. To what I have know idea but the last time the emo progs pulled this shit we ended up with bush and his demon child roberts

  32. I am sure that Hillary will not be found with any wrongdoing on this email witch hunt. Hillary is a very smart lady, and she knows how politics works. This is just another tactic by the GOP to spread false innuendos, etc. because they are very afraid..and I mean very afraid of a smart and strong woman. The GOP has nothing to offer Americans except fear and lies.

  33. Down River, you bet they will call Bernie a socialist..and the context of course will not be true, he is a Democratic Socialist; however, facts don’t matter to the right.

    I will vote for whoever wins the Dem primary. Right now they are after Hillary because she is the biggest threat to the GOP; as time goes on, if Bernie gets to be a bigger threat, they will go after him. They figure Hillary is the big threat now, they want to damage her..then proceed to Bernie..divide and conquer on their play book.

    I absolutely loathe the right.

  34. It doesn’t take a crystal ball to see that Hillary will overwhelm Bernie Sanders with Wall Street-supplied cash for ads and organization. Unless Bernie’s supporters use leverage, #CorporateClinton will be the party nominee.

    What kind of leverage? The #BernieOrBust pledge:

  35. Do you really think people are that stupid that they cant compare the records of the both of them? Please tell us after 25 years in congress what has the bern done to benefit the average American

  36. Really? Obviously you haven’t even looked at Bernie’s voting record. Bernie will BURY the corporate clinton.

  37. Maybe I should been more clear. What I meant was in 25 years what bills have Sen.Sanders sponsored that became law and post offices do not count

  38. I would like to add humpledick according the CNN poll that people are shouting from the roof tops the bern is surging in the fine print you will find this: Democrats say Clinton is the best person to handle the economy (Clinton 46 percent/Sanders 24 percent), race relations (Clinton 49/Sanders 25), foreign policy (Clinton 61/Biden 20/Sanders 10), and the income gap between rich and poor (Clinton 42/Sanders 33).

    On the two topics that Sen. Sanders suppose to be the strongest income gap between rich and poor and the best person to handle the economy Clinton wins hands down. The thrill is in the Hill

  39. HumboltRick Says “Bernie will BURY the corporate clinton.

    Ok, I say Hillary with BURY the NRA loving Bern.

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