Biden Slams Romney For Not Having the ‘Gumption’ to Condemn Mourdock’s Statements

In Kenosha, Wisconsin, Vice President Biden took Romney to task today for his lack of “gumption” to condemn Mourdock’s comments that pregnancy after rape is “something that God intended.” Romney isn’t going to ask Mourdock to take down the ad in which he supports the man who said it was God’s will if a woman gets pregnant after a rape.

Watch here:

BIDEN: And here’s the truth: They’ve made it very, very clear — made it very clear that they do not believe a woman has a right to control her own body. They can’t even get up the gumption to condemn the statements made by two of their candidates for United States Senate. It’s not enough to tell me you don’t agree. It’s having the moral courage to stand up and say what they said was wrong, simply wrong.

Moral courage? Is that something you can harvest for profit?

Romney’s big plan is to pull a Palin and avoid the press until election day. He even turned down MTV’s invitation to be interviewed. The Romney campaign led from behind today when they said they refused to cut ties with Mourdock and said it’s “his decision” as to whether or not he would take down the ad starting Romney.

The Romney camp said, “Romney feels he has addressed the matter and doesn’t plan to discuss it further.” But he’s never discussed it. He has never addressed it. He avoided reporters and pretended he didn’t hear them when they asked him about it. The only way it’s been addressed is through unilateral statements from his campaign – never from the candidate himself, and never in a “discussion” format.

The meeting on women’s rights has been adjourned, no discussion necessary.

Hey, that’s a lot of decisiveness from a candidate who can’t even stand up to Robert Mourdock or Rush Limbaugh, but then, they’re both men and I think by now we all know how Romney views the opinions of women. Discussion over.

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