Joe Biden Lays Waste To Trump’s Golf Swing-Hillary Clinton GIF: ‘Our Children Are Watching’

Former Vice President Joe Biden went hard after Donald Trump on Monday, slamming the president for retweeting a GIF of him hitting Hillary Clinton with a golf ball.

In a Twitter post, Biden – a potential 2020 candidate – said, “Enough. This has to stop. Our children are watching.”

Biden’s strong response comes after the president retweeted a disturbing GIF on Sunday about his “amazing golf swing,” showing a golf ball knocking over the former Democratic nominee when she was boarding an airplane.

The image retweeted on Trump’s twitter page was clearly doctored, but it was something you would expect of a childish teenager – not a man in charge of America’s nuclear arsenal.

As Biden alluded to in his response to Trump, the President of the United States should be a role model for children across the country and the world. Unfortunately, the qualities repeatedly put on display by this president – vulgarity, egotism, immaturity, bigotry, and laziness – are those that no young person should aspire to emulate.

Luckily, there are still leaders out there – perhaps not in the White House, but they’re still out there – who can be looked up to as role models.

On Monday night, Joe Biden proved that he is one of them.