Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden Hold Koch Killing Meeting To Discuss Money In Politics


Vice President Biden may not be a candidate, but he held a one on one meeting with Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) to discuss getting the Koch billionaire dollars out of our politics.

According to the Sanders campaign:

Among the many issues they discussed was the need to address campaign finance reform so that the wealthy and powerful cannot wield undue influence in the political process. They also spoke about the need to extend public education in the United States through college so every young person in America, regardless of income, will be able to get a college education.

“Under the leadership of President Obama and Vice President Biden, this country has come a long way economically since President Bush left office and we were losing 800,000 jobs every month and the world economy was on the brink of financial collapse,” Sanders said. “Nevertheless,” he added, “we still have a long way to go to create the kind of economy that works for all Americans and not just the top 1 percent.

“I look forward to working with President Obama and Vice President Biden to tackle some to the major issues facing our country,” Sanders said.

The media is a direct reflection of the fact that Bernie Sanders isn’t as far outside the Democratic Party as some of his supporters seem to believe. Sanders has a friendly relationship that goes back decades with the Democratic Party. Sen. Sanders is so highly thought of among Democrats that he was given one of the top committee assignments (Budget) in the Senate.

The meeting with Vice President also speaks volumes about the success of the Sanders presidential campaign. Bernie Sanders has become such a force in the Democratic primary that he is invited to one on one meetings with the Vice President. The fact that Sanders and Biden discussed getting the billionaire dollars out of our politics should terrify the Koch oligarchs who are attempting to buy the federal government.

Bernie Sanders is slowly winning the battle against the billionaires. The popular movement of millions that he is building is having an impact at the highest levels of our government. With his political revolution growing, Bernie Sanders is landing blows against the billionaires.