Fox News Betrayed by Their Own Obama Supporting Poll


Going through a recent poll on Fox News is like taking a trip down the rabbit hole.

This time, while claiming Mitt Romney and President Obama are tied overall in their own poll, the hosts of Fox and Friends were flabbergasted to find out that Americans trust President Obama more on foreign policy, education, terrorism, bringing the US together, and fighting special interests.


Watch the June 8 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends courtesy of Media Matters:

The Fox and Friends hosts wisely avoided the fact that a Democrat had stolen national security and terrorism from the Republicans, and instead focused on the one issue that could be easily muddied – unity.

Gretchen Carlson, “I’m stunned by that bringing the US together.”

Steve Doocy alerts Americans that he doesn't know what unity means, “I don’t know what that means.”

Gretchen is fired up enough to interrupt Doocy's revelations, “Because you know, the whole campaign of President Obama  four years ago was hope and change and bringing everyone together and a lot of people were looking forward to that – “

— certainly not Fox News —

“But a lot of people (who are these “lots of people”?) also believe that that hasn’t been what’s happened in the last three and a half years so I’m stunned that he’s still on top with that percentage.”


Fox and Republicans do not know what to do with their war hawkish fear mongering now that a Democrat has shown that he can keep this country safer than a Republican can, and do it with less loss of life by relying on intelligence more than military strategy. They know Americans prefer Obama’s foreign policy to anything they have to offer, so they skip over that.


As for unity, President Obama has governed as the President to all, instead of the President to his own base, much to the disappointment of some factions of his base. Fox News has done nothing but root for the failure of America under Obama, and now they are pinning the radical division on him.


The truth is that Fox News amplified the partisan, corporate, Koch-funded agenda of the Tea Party and accused this President of being a radical Muslim, socialist, fascist, madrassas-seeking, anti-Colonial, Kenysan Hitler from the beginning of his term. That is on them. If there is division in this country, and there is, much of stems from Fox News’ propaganda and outright lies seeping into the culture at large, causing many of their own base to actually believe the things they say.


It is their base who does not believe Obama is a citizen of this country, after all. It is Fox News that gives an unchecked voice to the birthers and the Tea Party nonsense.


Even their own poll shows that they aren’t fooling Americans on that issue. They are fooling Americans on Romney regarding the economy and taxes, as Americans must not have seen the breakdown for Romney’s secret budget, wherein the middle class and poor get hit with more taxes.


Then again, it’s highly possible that Fox viewers are so drunk on the KoolAid that they want to pay more money in taxes because they think they haven’t earned divine status as a “job creator” (aka; corporate socialist) yet. It could be that they don’t want to associate with any club that would have them as members, so they vote against their own self-interests, aligning themselves with the economic “winners” (aka in other circles as “vultures”) of our society even as those “winners” soundly reject them.


Fox News and Republicans have tried to paint Obama as a radical way back in the 2008 campaign. But for the last three and a half years, Obama has taken their crap (“You lie!) and still tried to work with them. He has shown the American public that he is more fiscally prudent than the Republicans were when they were in power. He has taken their insults and calmly proceeded. Most of America is waiting for him to metaphorically bitch slap the next Republican who calls him “boy” or suggests he wasn’t born here. Americans have had enough of Congressional Republicans and the polls clearly show that.


One thing this suggests is that even Fox can’t confuse voters enough to make them want endless preemptive wars, defunded schools, Presidents who don’t care where Osama is, radical partisanship, and special interests running the show in DC.


Fox News has devoted itself to driving a wedge between American citizens in order to muddly the waters of the clearly corporate agenda they support in the name of "conservativism". They appear shocked that in spite of their daily hatred, Americans trust the President more than their own party.


It's possible that Americans know exactly who is to blame for the ugly rhetoric and unpatritoic division in this country.


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20 Replies to “Fox News Betrayed by Their Own Obama Supporting Poll”

  1. Gretchen Carlson, “I’m stunned by that bringing the US together.”
    Steve Doocy alerts Americans that he doesn't know what unity means, “I don’t know what that means.”

    No shit they don't know what Unity means. They don't understand "Fair" or "Balanced", either. There's a shitload they don't understand.

  2. One small correction if you please, Sarah Jones, it’s:
    Fox takes the news and twists and tweaks it until it fits the Republican standards for morose, divisive, and hateful entertainment.

  3. Gretchen, DUH!! its the GOP who keep the country apart. They refuse to try and meet our President halfway. They have blocked and fought everything he has tried to do. Fair and Balanced my a**

  4. I was MUCH amused a few minutes ago when a clip was played of Romney making some speech somewhere, and he's demonizing Pres. Obama, saying "He wants to hire MORE teachers, MORE firefighters, MORE policemen!" and I thought to myself….no, Rmoney, you cannot be that stupid, but apparently you are.  How many people listening to that have kids in classes with 40-45 kids?  How many people live in towns where their firefighting and police forces have been gutted?  Thanks, Mittens! for pointing out who is on our side and who is not!
    Fox EntertainmentNewz would do well to realize (of course, they won't….play along here) that republicans have boxed themselves into a nasty little corner they can't get out of now.  Their agenda for years has been severe austerity, and that agenda has been a HUGE fail on the global scene, as well as here, where they've been able to implement it (on local scales).  People are sick of their teachers and firemen and police being laid off to satisfy an agenda that is clearly hurting our economy.  We all know unemployment would be far lower if not for those austerity measures at the state and local levels.  Do they really believe people don't see all these layoffs, while at the same time, huge subsidies and tax returns are going to the wealthy?
    They've demonized Pres. Obama's efforts to get health care for everyone, yet they have NO plan to counter it.  The crap we've seen thrown out so far is nothing more than the same old crap we have now, which obviously isn't working.  They have no plan that will ensure that millions of uninsured Americans would receive health care.  Nope, instead, they go with the same old agenda.  Well, we've been there, and we refuse to go back.  Rmoney is nothing but the same old Bush agenda and the same Grover puppet we had for 8 years before Pres. Obama that brought us to the brink of a full blown depression.

  5. If there was a book written about the things Steve Doocy does not know what it means, it would rival War and Peace for length.

  6. Mike Huckabee characterized the megalomania of Fox very well — he said that Americans would think Obama was doing a great job if it weren't for Fox News. Fox defines the world, according to them.
    So what happened here? With all their massive propaganda (and it is propaganda) against Obama its own poll found: "the hosts of Fox and Friends were flabbergasted to find out that Americans trust President Obama more on foreign policy, education, terrorism, bringing the US together, and fighting special interests."
    But, but, but… we TOLD Americans, over and over, he was weak on foreign policy, terrorism, education, bringing the US together and fighting special interests. And Americans did not believe us. Are our powers failing? Is he too much, too strong and too genuine for us to destroy with a few raised eyebrows, accidental 'ads' run against him as news?

  7. There is only ONE message the Democrats need to convey this December:  If you liked George Bush as President you will LOVE Willard Romeny in the White House! 
    Romeny has plans to take W's policies to a whole new level so if you liked the 8 years under Bush you should be rubbing your hands with glee at the thought of a Romney Presidency

  8. Unbelievable…that Romney said that today!
    I have a son who 'thinks' he won't be voting this November. So, I emailed the Youtube video of Romney's message today.

  9. I just wish we had an accuracy in reporting law like in Canada.  They'd be out so fast that they wouldn't even leave smoke.
    The things they reported about the Jena Six situation… most of the things they said were just the opposite of what official documents (sworn testimony, eyewitness accounts, etc.) revealed. Even worse were all the things they DIDN'T mention… like the only adult witness to the “beating” said that the young man arrested and put in jail wasn't even involved.
    We've seen all the lies about President Obama. It makes me wonder if anything they've reported was true!
    I find this quite delicious… hoisted by their own petard!

  10. A lot if good responses to this story!

    I would just ask the question: When will everyone realize that the Republican Party is the Fascist Party of the early 21st Century and start calling them what they are?

  11. While that certainly might be true (and I would agree), at the same time I don't particularly want to be shot.

  12. I couldn't agree more.  If Romney wins, it's essentially Bush's third term in office.  If that doesn't scare everybody then I don't know what does.
    GOP + Romney = Clusterfuck 

  13. No wonder she's stunned… she just had to report that the president is more trustworthy on most things outside of the economy. With the economy, the American people are desperate for anything that might shake it up for the better. Fox has never been either fair or balanced, and they never will. They are a mouthpiece for the Right Wing Republicans and the evangelical Christian right. By the way, the name Fox and Friends sounds like a cartoon show… and it kind of is!!

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